Trying New Things: Day 1


Day One Challenge: Sushi

So here’s the deal with sushi.  I have a realllllllly hard time believing all the hype about it.  I mean…it’s raw fish.  Or cooked fish.  Either way, um, no thanks.  I actually tried a tiny bite many, many years ago when I was working at a grocery store and it was seriously awful.  But now every time I turn around everybody I know is raving about sushi, sushi, sushi, so I figured it was time to give it a fair trial.



So I bought myself some shaggy dog. Yes, SHAGGY DOG. To be honest, I found myself reconsidering at this point in the store.  But Jerm had tried this particular one before and said it was good so I put aside my doubts and went for it.

Sushi 3


I gave it a fair chance.  I even tried it with the wasabi. I was brave.  And now I can cross this off my list forever.

Verdict: I’ll leave it for the trend-followers.


So seriously, what do you think about sushi?  I can’t help but think it’s just one of those lemming things…you know, like the Twilight books.  ;)


31 Day Writing Challenge: Trying New Things

I love October.  It’s the time of year that the temperature drops below broiling (at least in Texas.  usually.), it’s the beginning of beautiful, glorious autumn, and it marks the start of the holiday season.

All of those things combined are pretty awesome, but I also look forward to the 31 Day writing challenge that the Nester hosts every year in October.  This will be my fourth year participating (you can see my previous topics here, here, and here), and it’s always challenging and stressful and hard.  But it’s also invigorating and stimulating and rewarding, so I find myself looking forward to it every year as a means to breathe a little life into my writing. I love to write, but sometimes I need to remind myself of that fact.  So here I am, October 1st, and the past few months have been HARD.  I feel like schooling and life has run over me like a bus. A large one.

So this year I’ve decided on a topic that will (hopefully) be fun, but not require more time than I currently have to give.


I’m a bit of a list lover so I should be able to easily find 31 new things to try and cross off this month.  I’m going to try and step out of my comfort zone a little, pick up some new habits, and stop the procrastinating all at the same time. I’m excited to start – feel free to pick a topic of your own and join the challenge. Or you can browse the blog lists for some interesting topics if writing isn’t your thing.

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I’ll try to link each post back to this page to provide a complete index.

Stay tuned for the day one challenge.




Dress Review: Sara’s Fashion

Dress Review 9edit

A few weeks ago we were contacted by Sara’s Fashion and asked to review one of their dresses.  Susannah and I perused their selection of dresses and after a rather lengthy debate, decided on the Pink Vintage Linen Plaid dress.  It’s a perfect spring and summer dress, but substantial enough to wear during our mild autumn as well.

Dress Review 3edit

Sara’s Fashion specializes in flower girl and special occasion dresses and offers a beautiful and affordable collection to choose from.  Susannah desperately wanted one of their ultra-fancy white dresses (like this one), but I know my child, and until the need arises for a white dress it’s just not practical for her.  She’s still a little too rough-and-tumble for me to trust her in white.

Dress Review 2edit


We really love the plaid dress we were given and it’s perfect for church – fancy enough for Susannah and practical enough for me.  The dress is well-made from quality fabric and comfortable to wear (which is wildly important to my picky child).  The flower is removable  so it’s easy to change the look and Susannah loves wearing it both ways.

Dress Review 1edit Dress Review edit


Be sure to hop over to Sara’s Fashion and peruse their adorable line of girls dresses.  Which one would your daughter choose?



**I received product and/or compensation for this review, but as always, all opinions are my own.**

Week in Review: September 20-27

This past week has pretty much just been a blur of schoolwork, schoolwork, and more schoolwork. Mad’s reading has really improved so we added math, science, and spelling to her schedule.  She’s loving school, which is awesome, but the workload is definitely increasing.

photo 3

Billy celebrated his birthday on Saturday and Michelle made him an awesome  Captain America shield out of cupcakes.

photo 1 (2)

photo 2

We’re planning a big barbarian/Roman battle re-enactment this week, so we’ll be sure to share about that next time.

Since October’s right around the corner it’s almost time for the 31 Day blogging challenge.  This year I’m going to be writing about trying new things. I’m excited to start and dreading the daily deadline all at the same time.



I’m short one or two things on my list of ideas so if anyone has a suggestion for me, feel free to share.

Until next week,


Dollar Tree Anniversary Celebration (Sponsored Post)


I’m thrilled to be partnering with Dollar Tree to share some of their awesome Anniversary Event Bonus Buys  with you guys today!

Truth: I love me some Dollar Tree.  Back in the day, when I would take trips from Alaska into the real world to spend a week or two in shopping heaven, I would always make time to wander the aisles of a Dollar Tree.  Because, HELLO, you never knew what you might stumble on for just a buck.  It was awesome, and having one a mile down the road from my house now is no less cool.  Want to know something even cooler?  Dollar Tree’s Anniversary Celebration is happening for the next few weeks, that’s what.

Here’s the scoop: for the next few weeks, from September 28th through October 11th, Dollar Tree is offering tons of bonus buys with up to 58% more free in every package in celebration of their anniversary.  As always, everything is just a dollar, so all those brand-name items that you love to stock up on will be even better.

I personally love to stop in at Dollar Tree and avoid the big box stores whenever possible, so I’ll definitely be looking to stock up on my favorite items while they’re available in bigger sizes.  I’m embarrassed to admit it, but we never got around to a good spring cleaning this year, so it’s on my to-do list for this fall.  Dollar Tree bonus buys like 24-ct canisters of Good and Clean disinfectant wipes and 3-ct packs of scrub sponges will definitely come in handy when we tackle the big cleaning jobs.

You can shop in stores or online during these two weeks, but quantities are limited, so don’t wait too long or you’ll miss out.

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**This is a sponsored post as part of a campaign for Dollar Tree through Blueprint Social.  All opinions are my own.**


Tuesday Letter

Dear Tuesday, you come around awfully quick every week.  Dear Susannah, I think you’ve nailed down the perfect profession – money sampling.  You little genius, if only I had thought of it first…  Dear Madeline, if you’re going to scream LIKE THAT in the middle of the night, there better be someone murdering you.  No more of this “I don’t know why I was screaming” after you’ve taken five years off my life.  I can no longer afford five years.  Dear apple, thank you so much for loosening not one, but BOTH of Susannah’s front teeth.  Now we have that to look forward to.  Dear Vichy serum, I think I love you.


Week in Review: September 14-20

We enjoyed our first break of the year this week and I feel sufficiently sane to start up again on Monday. We stayed busy, catching up on a few things we’d fallen behind on, and having some fun days, too.

We snapped a few photos to commemorate the start of new grades:

Mad school 2edit

Mad School 11edit

You guys…this is such a Madeline face.

Mad schooledit Susannah School 3edit Susannah Schooledit


Check out these wild-looking, well wildflowers that I saw on a walk around the neighborhood the other evening.  They’re translucent.  Weird, right?



We were contacted by a girls clothing company to review one of their dresses, which we received in the mail this week.  Look for our thoughts on it in the near future.

Dress Review 4

Also this week, we:

Mowed the lawn (yes, we endorse child labor),

Susannah Mowing 2

made lemon bars,

Susannah Lemon Bars edit

jumped on our new-to-us trampoline (thank you, thoughtful neighbors!),



made videos to entertain you with some of our current memorization pieces,

and went on an awesome momma/daughter date at the mall.  And seriously, I’m pretty much doomed if my girls already adore the mall with all their little beings, right?

Mad got a huge kick out of these "people with only half a head!"

Mad got a huge kick out of these “people with only half a head!”

Girls Date 2


They bought hair curlers, hand sanitizer, a little bling, and….makeup.  Doomed, I tell ya.

I swear, I didn't tell her to walk like that.

I swear, I didn’t tell her to walk like that.

The part where we ate lunch at ChickFilA and it was all fun until some lady let her kid pee all over the floor next to us and didn't clean it up.  Check, please!

The part where we ate lunch at ChickFilA and it was all fun until some lady let her kid pee all over the floor next to us and didn’t clean it up. Check, please!

What did your week look like?  Do anything fun?  See anything gross?  Force your kids to mow the lawn?