Tuesday Letter

Dear Madeline, no, lip gloss does not make your hair look better….unless you’re digging the greaseball look.  I’m so happy you decided to experiment.  Dear Susannah, let me share a little nugget of wisdom with you.  If you value your phone at all you will stop setting alarms to go off in the dead of night.  Especially since you stuff your phone in the far corners of a bag/purse/tote, which you then stuff in the deep, darkest corners of a closet/bucket/chest…and digging around blindly in the playroom in the middle of the night makes me realize just how much purging needs to be done.  Dear Madeline (again), although you’ve always been a champion puker, I think you won the gold medal Saturday night/Sunday morning.  You managed to get it on every single surface between your room and the bathroom.  Go you.  Dear Caleb, tell us all about your smoker turned raging inferno….


Week(s) in Review: April 6-19

Last weekend I was barely home so I’m catching up on a couple of weeks this time around.

Susannah’s moved on to subtraction in math and so far it’s been….interesting.  She loved addition, but subtraction is a whole different animal in her mind.

We’ve worked out way to the Romans in history and built a model of a Roman road.  Sort of.  We forgot to leave the first (sand) layer showing, but it’s under there.  I still haven’t planned her Roman meal, because I’m lame like that.  She wants togas and everything, though, so I may do it during our break week coming up soon.


Currently reading:  The Book of Awesome by Neil Pasricha.

Honestly, this book is probably a little bit of a time waster, but I can’t. put. it. down.  Because it’s, well, AWESOME.  (I know…my wit knows no bounds.)

I’ve had my eye on these adorable Gussy Sews zippered pouches for a looong time. Think years. And then, before I broke down and bought one, she closed her shop and changed it to a monthly subscription club. (Cue sobbing.)
So a few weeks ago, when she announced on Facebook that she was offering limited Gussy Sews items for sale, I pounced. Sometimes you just have to go for it.

So now I finally have my adorable little bag. Yay me!

PicMonkey Collage


Favorite link of the week is this post about winning the hearts of our children.  I need constant reminders to give my kids my attention (especially since they still want it right now) and her words were perfect timing.

Last weekend my mother-in-law took the girls and I to the Scarborough Renaissance Festival in Waxahachie.  It was pretty cool, despite the hordes of people there, many in very strange un-Renaissance-like costumes.  We especially like the jousting tournament.




You guys, check out Susannah’s face in this next photo.  She wanted to ride the wooden horse until she actually got up on it, then she wailed the entire way down (which luckily wasn’t very long).  I’m thinking we should put Six Flags off for another few years (possibly a decade).


Jerm’s birthday is this weekend (on Easter, actually) so we’re putting the kiddo’s egg hunt off until next Saturday.  The girls are super excited about beautifying eggs so that’ll be happening sometime this coming week.

I’ve been on a huge banner/bunting kick lately.  Here are a few I made for around the house.

I love how bright and cheery this one is and you can’t go wrong with burlap, right?



This one is in the playroom and the girls love it.  Just a simple bunny silhouette with cotton ball tails.


I think fuzzy poms would have been even cuter, but just went with what I already had.



More spring-y decor: a tiny nest, a bit of spanish moss, and some eggs in apothecary jars = happy.



The bluebonnets finally appeared with a vengeance, so here’s your yearly photos, mom.

bluebonnet edit 2 bluebonnet edit 3 bluebonnet edit 4 Bluebonnet edit


Ready for some more search engine funnies?

  • does anyone hate francine rivers books? - Maybe someone wants to form an “I hate Francine Rivers” club?
  • bloodshot before after – Well….gross.  I have no idea why this would land someone on my page.  I’m kind of afraid to even find out.
  • dyi unpaper toe – Haha!  I’m guessing this was supposed to be unpaper TOWEL.  But good luck on the toe thing.  Also on the “do yourself it.”
  • how to wear suspenders – Am I the only person that find suspenders fairly self-explanatory?
  • gru sitting on the toilet – This is BY FAR the girls favorite line from Despicable Me.  But I still find it hilarious that someone landed on my page after typing that.  Ooooookay.


Have an awesome Easter weekend, everyone!



Tuesday Letter

Dear Sonic, I know I’m a little obsessed with this, but if I had a million extra dollars laying around I would check to see if you REALLY do have 1, 392,085 drink options.  It just doesn’t seem possible.  Dear hydrangeas, I give up on you.  No more.  Dear self, when will you learn not to tell the kids you’re planning to do something until the EXACT MOMENT you do it.  You bring the insanity on yourself.  Dear Jerm, there’s no one else I’d rather march toward the sweet release of death with than you.  ;)



TwirlyGirl Petal Dress Review

If you know my girls at all (or have heard me talk about them), then I’m sure you know about their obsession with all things fancy.  Especially dresses and skirts.  These girls literally cry when I make them wear a pair of jeans, no joke.  So when TwirlyGirl  offered to send one of their dresses for us to try out we jumped at the chance.  Because, hello, TwirlyGirl?  Just the name made my girls jump (and twirl) for joy!  We immediately checked out their website where Madeline fell in love with the toddler flower girl dresses like these.



We weren’t sure which dress we would end up with, so while we waited we had fun picking out our favorites and the girls spent a good amount of time building their dream wardrobes from the selection of girls flower girl dresses and super twirly skirts.

Susannah’s favorites were every color imaginable of the unique flower girl dresses like these:

image (2)

How cute is that?!  I loved this style as well, but my favorite was the Petal Dress, which was similar to the one Madeline originally picked, except pink, which has become a major weakness of mine.  There’s just something about little girls in pink.  Am I right?

So I was super happy when our package arrived and it was the Petal dress in Madeline’s size.  She was beyond thrilled to try it out and I’ve barely been able to pry it off of her since it arrived.  This darling toddler flower girl dress made her whole week….and she’s been twirling nonstop ever since she put it on.


Watch out for the wall....twirling makes us dizzy.

Watch out for the wall….twirling makes us dizzy!

Like I said, the only struggle I’ve had with this experience is getting the dress OFF of her…she was heartbroken when I finally insisted on washing it and asked what she would wear while it was in the laundry.  So from the her standpoint I would definitely call this dress a WIN.  Susannah’s been quite jealous of all the twirling happening without her so I’m pretty sure that she would be just as attached if we’d received one in her size.

I’m really impressed with the quality of the fabric and craftsmanship; these dresses are obviously a labor of love and the story of how the company started is so sweet.  Many of their dresses and skirts are reversible, which my girls think is super awesome (twice the amount of time before washing!).  My favorite thing about these dresses, hands down is that they’re pretty and fancy enough to be used for flower girl dresses (or other formal settings), but they’re actually comfortable and wearable at the same time.  Susannah is wildly picky not only about how her clothes look (must be fancy), but also about how they feel.  I’m still a little bitter about the (very) expensive dress we bought her last Easter that she wore for about two hours before deeming it too uncomfortable to ever touch again.

TwirlyGirl dresses are actually livable, you know?   They’re great for any occasion, from formal dress-up days, to normal twirling kind of days….which seriously, is just about every day that ends in “Y” around here.


If you need a toddler flower girl dress or just have a fancy little girl who loves fashion and twirling, be sure to visit TwirlyGirl and view all of their unique and adorable products.  They’ve even provided a discount code that’s good through 5/1/2014 for Somewhere in the Middle readers.  Just enter MidTG at checkout and you’ll receive 15% off your entire order!  (Does not apply to sale items, gift certificates or Design your own dress feature.)

**I received product and/or compensation in exchange for my honest review.  All opinions are my own.**


Tuesday Letter

Dear self, next time you pull a giant pot off a high shelf in the garden center of Walmart, you might want to think about whether it had rained for the entire previous day.  Because that will keep you from dumping a gallon of ice-cold water directly into your face and all down your clothes and having to walk around the store like a drowned rat.    Dear person who stole my iPhone, you. are. mean.  You aren’t my favorite person.  Dear Susannah, no, British isn’t the way you say English in Spanish.  Hahahaha!  Your mind truly works in mysterious ways.

Ten Things {On Being Wrong}

Okay, maybe just one thing this week instead of the usual ten.

I’ve felt badly about my Facebook post ever since I posted it, because although I meant it to be humorous, I felt like maybe it was offensive instead.

If you weren’t offended…great.

But if you were, please accept my apologies and know that I wasn’t pointing my finger at you.

Also, this:


Week in Review: March 30 – April 5

There isn’t too terribly much to report this week, due in part to losing any photos I snapped when my iPhone was stolen.  :(    It’s amazing how attached to that phone I was.  I feel totally lost without all my reminders and notes and apps.  ;)

It was quiet around here, which was nice.  Susannah has moved into Roman history and is determined to experience a real Roman meal, togas and all, so you may see something along those lines in the next few weeks.

Mad worked on the letter “u” this week and to celebrate she made mini pineapple upside-down cakes.  That’s not my favorite kind of cake, but Jerm said they were delicious.  I may share the recipe sometime soon since I lost all photographic evidence of the last (extremely delicious) cake I had planned to post.



I also made these little burlap bags for the girls to use in place of Easter baskets this year.  I’m not a fan of the plastic monstrosities that multiply each year and I’m not about to fork out $10-20 for a pretty basket that will only get used once.  My girls adore bags and usually bring 1-2 with them everywhere they go so I thought these would get more use.  Plus they’re cute!  (Totally stole the painted bunny idea from here.)



Don’t forget to check out my giveaway for the new reusable Mod Podge Rocks stencils.  You can enter here if you haven’t already.


Have a wonderful weekend, everyone!