Tuesday Letter – the “Let’s All Breathe a Sigh of Relief” Edition


Dear election day, surely the rest of the country is as glad you’re here as I am. Now the ads and ridiculousness and fighting and hatred won’t be daily ruining my life anymore. I mean, nothing will be resolved and everyone will still hate everyone else, but at least now I won’t have to hear about it every second of every day. I even voted, which is why I’m sitting here feeling faintly sick to my stomach right now. Dear America, how on earth, out of all the millions of people in this country, did we end up with the two most obnoxious candidates of all time to choose between? Dear identical silver Nissan Altimas that whipped around either side of me on the freeway at the exact same time, how very Twighlight Zone-esque of you. Like I need more proof that the world’s gone mad. Dear autumn, I didn’t have to use the AC in my car for the very first time this week. Congratulations, you’re a real boy now.


Tuesday Letter


Dear Michel on Gilmore Girls, you’re pretty much my sarcasm hero. Dear fellow homeschooling moms (or teachers of any sort), please help a girl out and tell me what you found useful for….reluctant (which is an extremely nice way of putting it) spellers. I’m using Spelling Workout right now, but it just doesn’t seem to be working for one of my girls.  HELLLLP!! Dear Texas, please, please give it a rest with the 90 degree October days. We’re all sobbing into our pumpkin spice lattes down here (not that I drink them, but whatevs). Dear self, you know how you promised yourself that you’d really and truly make a dent in your fabric and paper stash before buying new supplies? YOU CAN’T GO TO JOANNS and keep your promise. You know this about yourself, so Just. Don’t. Do. It.


Week(s) in Review: October 1-15

It’s been for-stinking-ever since I’ve done a week in review, so long, in fact, that I don’t even think I ever shared Susannah’s birthday party or our summer road trip and maybe not even the big family reunion this past spring. (?)  I obviously have some catching up to do, but for now I’ll just share a couple things we’ve been up to for the last few weeks.

School is trucking right along and I don’t think I’ve even taken photos to document the start of new grades this year. Bad mom!

Some highlights:

Susannah’s learning division and loving it, Madeline is all-around causing me to rapidly age because of her utter lack of interest in ANY subject and her closely-held belief that she’s just “too small” to do well in school. She has decided reading is worthwhile, though, helped along greatly by the Pizza Hut Book It program and the Braums reward program. Still, I count that as quite a victory from last year.  We’re studying American history this year and I’m putting my own curriculum together, which is working very well for us so far and has been pretty fun. Here are a few of the drawings we’ve done to go along with our studies so far:


We try to go camping in October or November every year since *usually* the hot weather is calmed down to something manageable. I agree to one night per year. 😉 And obviously it wasn’t cooled off quite enough yet since we saw snakes…

Mad fell in right after I took this photo and gave us small heart attacks because the water is pretty deep right off the bank. Thanks a lot, kid.



I finally, finally, FINALLY made some progress on the quilt-a-long project that already ended months ago, but that I’m determined to finish NO MATTER HOW LONG IT TAKES ME. It’s utterly ridiculous to me that I couldn’t keep up with one block per month, right? Bad seamstress! Anyway, something went wrong on this block (not sure what exactly), but I’m so elated to have finished a few, that I don’t even care. (In my defense, I did try to fix it, but couldn’t figure out how.)


I saw this adorable woodland creature pumpkin idea here and knew we had to try it out for ourselves. I love pumpkins and we try something new every year. The girls loved making these little cuties.

img_8045 img_8046

So that about covers it, I think. Okay, probably not really, but that’s all I have ready for now, so it’ll have to do. I do hope to catch up on some of what’s been occupying our time very soon.

Your turn! What have yall been up to lately?


Tuesday Letter

FullSizeRender (23)

Dear self, how can it be this hard of a decision to pick out curtains? You’ve had almost eleven years to think about it now. It’s time. Dear Madeline, I’ve asked you almost every day for two years now what an action verb is. If you tell me it’s a dog one more time I’m going to lose my mind. YOU KNOW WHAT AN ACTION VERB IS! I KNOW YOU KNOW IT ISN’T A DOG! Dear Blossom, I feel very sorry for you now that we’ve discovered that they make hats for dogs.This week you’re a cowboy, next week you’ll be a pirate. The possibilities are endless. Poor Blossom. Dear hip, you are not 100 years old. You are not even 50 years old. You don’t have my permission to hurt like you are. Dear self (again), awesome job on finishing strong on the Blog-tember Challenge. No, seriously, you should be proud of yourself. Dear Netflix and/or Amazon Prime, when are you going to add season 3 of When Calls the Heart?! I need my sappy fix, pronto.


Blog-tember, Day 25: Nachoooooooo

So it’s been a crazy week with school and normal life stuff, so I didn’t get to participate in the Blog-tember project as much as I’d have liked. That’s life, I guess, and hopefully I’ll do a little better this week (no promises).

I haven’t shared any awesome handmade shops in a while so I thought I’d do that for today’s prompt. Small businesses are my fav!

Sunday, Sept. 25: Review something! 
A place, a book, a service, a product. Anything at all!

I think hoop art is such a cute addition to a gallery wall and I’ve been telling msyelf for years now that I need to learn the art of embroidery so I can create my own pretties. Since that stilllll hasn’t happened (boo) I have to content myself with being awed by the skills of other people and then one day I happened upon and Instagram photo of a hoop someone had purchased from bazaarLatino on Etsy and, you guys, it was NACHO LIBRE! I instantly contacted the shop about getting my own. There’s no such thing as waiting around to learn stuff in my own time when it comes to Nacho. He’s the baest. 😉


 Is that not awesome? (If you don’t think so I don’t want to know.) The hoop is tiny and perfect and I have it hanging in a place of honor right behind my sewing machine so I can smile at it whenever I’m ripping out stitches.

Be sure to pop over and check out the Etsy shop; she has all kinds of cute hoop art listed (and other things as well!).


Tuesday Letter

FullSizeRender (23)

Dear September in Texas, I have a bone to pick with you. It should not be 98 degrees on the 20th. You’re sneaky and mean and I hate you so much more than August. Dear universe, am I seriously the lone holdout on LuLaRoe leggings? Is is possible that I’m the single person in the world who doesn’t love those weird/wild colors and patterns? Please tell me it isn’t so. I need some friends who will stand with me against this trend. Dear pumpkin-all-the-things-lovers, I think yall need to hold your horses. Do you not understand that it’s still almost ONE HUNDRED DEGREES here? Have some pity on all of us in the South and wait until like…the end of October or something. And by the way, pumpkin-flavored-everything cannot possibly always be good. You may think I’m crazy, but I think you guys are a little too fanatical for your own good. Dear horrible, awful, plague-of-my-life flies, GO AWAY!! It is not summer again. You do not have my permission to be back in my house. My sanity will not stand for this re-invasion. Once a year is my limit. Ask anyone in my family…this will push me over the edge. Retreat is necessary before I do something we will all regret.


Blog-tember, Day 12: Three Books (plus a bonus!)

Monday, Sept. 12: Three books! One you just read, one you’re currently reading, and one you want to read.

Soooo..obviously this isn’t Monday, the 12th, but yall know how much I love book posts so I knew I’d have to come back to this one when I had a chance.

A book I just read: Shepherding a Child’s Heart by Tedd Tripp

Yall. This was an amazing book, probably my favorite read on parenting ever. If you’re raising kids or plan to raise kids and want some solid Christian advice on training and disciplining children, be sure to check this one out. I absolutely love the heart behind the words and have had to re-think a lot of the ways I’ve been dealing with my girls. I can’t recommend this one enough.

I bookmark passages I love to copy down into my book journal so even if I don’t keep books I can remember my favorite parts.


A book I’m currently reading: The Distant Hours by Kate Morton

I’m actually listening to this one while I walk each evening and it’s one of the first audiobooks I’ve truly enjoyed. This is partly due to Kate Morton’s fantastic way with words, but if I’m really honest, I’m pretty much just in love with the narrators perfect English accent. She has the most lyrical voice ever. Plus it’s a super intriguing mystery and makes the miles in the hideous September heat feel more bearable. (Don’t get me started on Texas in September.)


A book I want to read: Secrets of a Charmed Life by Susan Meissner

Totally not gonna lie, this one is on my shelf only because a) the cover is interesting and b) everyone in the whole world seems to have read it and recommended it. I don’t even really know much of what it’s about (except that it’s set in England during the WWII, at least partially), but it’s been on my to-read list forever and I’m finally about to actually get to it.


And here’s my bonus review: Me: A Compendium

I received a complimentary copy of this from Blogging for Books a few weeks ago and gave it to Susannah to fill out and she’s enjoyed it as much as I imagined she would. What I didn’t expect was for Madeline to be just as enthralled as Susannah (because she has very little patience for art/drawing/crafts), so after a few days I ordered a second copy for Madeline to complete as well. It’s no secret that I’m a huge fan of kid drawings and it made my heart happy to flip through these books and see their cute art.


picmonkey-collage-2 picmonkey-collage

**This book was provided free of charge in exchange for my honest opinion via Blogging for Books. All thoughts regarding this book are my own. (And obviously we liked it well enough to purchase another.)

So how about you? Read anything recommendable lately? (Is recommendable even a word?) I love, love, love book suggestions!