Susannah, the 7-year-old

Susannah birthday poster

Sadly, these are almost two months overdue.  I was out-of-town for longer than I expected and my computer croaked almost the first day I was in Alaska, so I just held off on posting these until now.

Susannah turned 7 at the end of June and we celebrated with an awesome rainbow party (I’ll share photos soon!) the weekend before we left for Alaska.  I think she liked the way that worked out because she got to celebrate her birthday twice this year, once with each side of the family.

Susannah Birthday Poster 2

I can’t believe she’s already so grown up.  In the past year she’s lost two teeth (we don’t speak of those experiences), finished first grade, become an experienced traveller (at least according to her), memorized countless verses and poems (also, every line of Frozen), and in general made us very happy.

She’s a good kid and incredibly fun to spend time with.  I love her.

Susannah 7



Fun Cousin T-shirts with Tulip Tie-Dye

This is a sponsored post with Tulip One-Step Tie Dye. All opinions are my own. photo 1 (3)

While planning my trip to Alaska I was gathering ideas for fun things that the little cousins could do together during our stay, so I was thrilled when Tulip asked if I’d like to take part in their Tie Dye Your Summer campaign. Little girls have so much fun with fashion and they all decided that tie dye would be the perfect thing to wear to the upcoming fair.

The Tulip Tie Dye kits were so easy and fun to work with – all we had to do was add water to the dye bottles and we were ready to create a masterpiece. With the extra dye packets included in the kit it’s also perfect for group activities!  Here’s our project list:  Tulip Tie-Dye Kits and white t-shirts.  Super simple, right?  The kits include project ideas, squirt bottles, rubber bands, and lots of dye.

photo 1 (2) First we washed the shirts and worked with them while they were still damp – this made the dye saturate much easier and kept the mess to a minimum (although honestly, we’re talking 5 and 7 year olds, so it was still messy!).  After washing, we settled on designs and started adding the rubber bands.

photo 3 (2)

photo 2 (2) Then the real fun started – the dyeing!  The girls had so much fun deciding on designs and colors; there was a lot of giggling and ooohing and aahing happening.  Pretty much anything goes on this step, depending on the design you choose, just try to avoid dripping and mixing colors accidentally (it’s easy to do, trust me).

photo 1 photo 2 photo 3 Per Tulip’s suggestion we then wrapped the shirts in plastic wrap to keep the fabric damp and let them sit overnight.

photo 4

We ran downstairs the next morning to rinse the shirts out and throw them in the wash.

photo 5

And voila!  They were so thrilled with the results.  The color is vibrant and the designs turned out awesome, so I can totally see why Tulip is America’s favorite tie-dye!  We’re already plotting our next designs for more shirts and accessories.  :)

Check out more projects from Tulip here:





Bring on the fair! :)

photo 2 (3)

**I received product and/or compensation for this post, but as always, all opinions are my own.**

We did it! (End of school photos)

So since we are doing year-round schooling, we aren’t going to have a normal summer break, but we’ll be off for the next five weeks or so.  When we get back home we will have a few weeks left to finish up all the loose ends and do some review before jumping into the next year of schooling.

Since this will be our summer break we took a few photos to celebrate the (sort of) end of kindergarten and first grade.

susannah school 4edit susannah school edit susannah school 2 edit mad school edit mad school 7edit2 mad school 3 edit 2

They did well this year.  I’ve learned that homeschooling isn’t an easy thing; it’s hard work and requires more patience than I naturally possess.  But it’s also rewarding and fun.  I’m proud of my girls.

Also, scared of next year.  Bring on the break.

Week in Review: June 8-14

This week  has pretty much been a blur.

We’re still on the Romans so Susannah made a gold laurel leaf crown like Caesars.  She thinks she’s the top dog around here when she wears it.

leaf crown

I also finally took the time to start the child’s sewing lessons.  She helped make circle garlands for her party and did a fantastic job.  She’s already asking when she can make clothes for Bear-Bear.

photo 1 (2)

We took a trip to Ham Orchards to pick blackberries and check out the peaches they grow there.  The girls had a killer time racing to pick the most berries and tasting their amazing homemade peach ice cream.

photo 3

photo 1

photo 2

Favorite link this week: this one about homeschooling siblings.

The girls are staying with grandma and grandpa for a few days this week and I’ll be racing against the clock to get everything done before the party this Saturday.

What’s everybody else up to?


Rainbow Applique T-shirt

So in the midst of all the party preparations Susannah asks me what kind of outfit I’m going to make her for her birthday.  I had zero plans to make her something to wear, but I couldn’t say no to her big brown eyes.  I didn’t have time for anything elaborate so I settled on a rainbow applique t-shirt.  I doubt I will get a skirt made in time, but at least she’ll have something cute to wear at her party.

rainbow shirt

Surprise, surprise, I had all the scraps I needed (yay for using up scraps!) on hand already.  My first thought was to cut out the individual stripes of the rainbow and attach them to Heat & Bond, but it was much easier to just cut out a general rainbow shape from each color in graduating sizes and sew on top of each layer (using Heat & Bond on each layer).   It needed a little something to finish it up so I added a soft, minky cloud.

rainbow shirt 3

Susannah likes it, it only took me about twenty minutes, and now I can concentrate on everything else on my to-do list.




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Tuesday Letter {the one that didn’t publish when it was supposed to}

Dear husband, just because Dr. House says something on TV doesn’t automatically make it true.  I’m pretty sure that your parents actually ARE your parents, despite your cleft chin.  (Dork.)  Dear Susannah, I think the whole state heard our collective sigh of relief when that stupid tooth finally came out.  Dear husband (again), I have a hard time feeling sorry for anyone who willingly eats something like a ghost pepper.  (Okay, I felt a tiny bit sorry for you.  For a minute.)  Dear self, mental note for the next loose tooth: don’t bargain with your kids.  Just buy a ton of apples and force them to chomp on them all day.

Week in Review: June 1-7

We’re down to two weeks until Susannah’s birthday party and then will be flying to Alaska two days after that so things have been a little crazy/hectic around here lately.

We’re still trying to finish up our floors (poor Jerm has had way too much happening lately, but he’s done a really nice job) and down to just the rest of the kitchen, my little craft nook (Which – eek – means I have to clean it out.  Not good.), and the garage.  I think we’re all ready to get our stuff back to where it belongs instead of everything being crammed into the same rooms.

These are terrible photos, but here are the cute little invitations we made for the upcoming rainbow party.  (We found them here.)

PicMonkey Collage

I’ve got to admit that rainbow parties are way more fun to plan than minions.  {wink}

Susannah lost her first tooth this week and we’re all breathing a sigh of relief to have it over and done with.  Her tooth was growing in behind it so I was totally freaked out, despite Jerm’s repeated assurances that it was no big deal.  The child is extremely proud of her new gappy smile.  (Is that even a word?)

susannah tooth edit

She also finished up take two on the Great Wall of China and we were much happier with the results this time.  We ran out of blocks before we could completely finish, but we’re calling it good.  She had a lot of fun with this one and it was definitely worth springing for the styrofoam blocks.

Great wall of China edit


Jerm rescued a turtle from the road on the way to church Sunday, which of course Mad wanted to keep.  That child and creatures.  He doesn’t really look all that appreciative of our efforts, does he?



Susannah finished up her human body studies (thanks to Natasha for the info; we loved using this book!).  Here’s her finished poster.  We apparently didn’t place things quite right….oops.

susannah and human body poster


I almost can’t believe I took this photo, being the spider-hater that I am, but check out this web.  So weird.  (Hideous little beast.)


Susannah is the master note-leaving/list-maker these days.  I find helpful little hints like this one all over the place:

susannah note

Thanks for the IDEA.  I think I’ll pass.

And finally, we saw a snake (dead) in the alley the other day and had to inspect.  Madeline was angry that someone had killed it.  How could they?!


Well, I’m off to work on birthday projects.  I’m slowly getting there, but still have too much to do.

Have you seen any interesting creatures lately?