2014 Read-Aloud Book List


We were more or less successful (how ambivalent is that phrase?!) with our 2013 read-aloud goals.  We finished the Little House series (they already want me to read it again), zipped through the The Wizard of Oz (so much weirder than I remember as a kid – I adored the Oz books), yawned through The Secret Garden (they may be a little young for that one),  and then gave up completely on Heidi around the mid-point.  I’ll admit, that was mostly my call, it just wasn’t happening for us.  I may give it another try in a few years, but decided that there’s too many awesome books out there to get hung up on one that we don’t like.  They loved The Tale of Despereaux (and I tried to, really, I did) and we all liked Sarah, Plain and Tall so much that we subbed Skylark for one of the other titles on our list.   I even suffered through Winnie the Pooh, which has never been a favorite of mine, and when I couldn’t find In Aunt Lucy’s Kitchen we ended up reading the first book in The Incorrigible Children of Ashton Place series (The Mysterious Howling) which ended up being by far and away my favorite read of the year.  We were left with Charlotte’s Web for December, which, in typical December fashion, just didn’t happen.

So here’s what’s on the list for 2014, leaving a little wiggle room in case we come across something we can’t pass up.  I only plan one per month because we do quite a lot of other reading for school and my voice won’t hold out for much more than a few extra chapters a day. 😉

So, that’s the general plan; we’ll see how well we follow through on it.  I’m always open to book recommendations, so please share if you have a favorite!

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