31 Day Blogging Challenge: Day 32 (or the wrap-up)


I seriously enjoyed the past month of blogging.
Yes, there were days I wasn’t thrilled to be posting late at night.
And yes, there were a few days when I threatened myself with great physical pain if I ever considered doing it again. (Pain or not, I know I will.)

But it pushed me to be more involved with the girls – and they ADORED getting to focus on something fun and interactive every day.

Every single day in October…and every day since, they asked me when we were going to do their “funnest craft.”

It makes me so happy to have actively creative children.
While it’s a little ambitious for me to do something new with them every day, my goal is 2-3 activities a week.
(Plus they can draw, cut, glue, color, etc as often as they want.)

Here’s a recap of everything we did this past month.

Day 1 – Licorice Letters
Day 2 – Craft Stick Puzzles
Day 3 – Q-Tip Art
Day 4 – Blanket Forts
Day 5 – Paper Pumpkins
Day 6 – Marshmallow Construction
Day 7 – Pony Bead Necklaces
Day 8 – Trip to the zoo
Day 9 – Make your own GAK!
Day 10 – TP Roll Owls
Day 11 – Clothespin Caterpillars
Day 12 – Potato Stamps
Day 13 – Make cupcakes
Day 14 – Leaf Prints
Day 15 – Photo Shoot
Day 16 – Homemade Puffy Paint
Day 17 – Baby Bird Pinecones
Day 18 – Picnic at the Park
Day 19 – Lace Crowns
Day 20 – Pumpkin Patch
Day 21 – DIY Playdough
Day 22 – DIY Glitter
Day 23 – Glitter Pumpkins
Day 24 – JELLO Cookies
Day 25 – Wax Paper and Crayon Leaves
Day 26 – Rainbow Crayons
Day 27 – Balloon Tennis
Day 28 – DIY Watercolors
Day 29 – Mini Volcanos
Day 30 – Homemade Rock Candy
Day 31 – Ribbon Jellyfish

There were more than 1000 bloggers who joined in the 31 Day Challenge this year – that’s a LOT!
I obviously didn’t follow all of those, and I never even checked out the big-name bloggers (oops), but there were a few that I really loved and I thought I’d share them here.

Lovely Messes – she wrote about unleashing your creativity. She had some great tips and I really enjoyed this series!

Art by Erin Leigh – I’m in love with art journals, although I’ve yet to start my own. Call me chicken. I know the beauty is supposed to be in the imperfection, but my mind hasn’t quite accepted that yet. I wish she would have finished the series, but the information she did post was helpful. And I love that she focused on Scriptures for her doodles. It’s like she read my mind…and then actually followed through (unlike me).

The Book Diaries – this was BY FAR my favorite of all the series. I’m always on the lookout for awesome new children’s books, but I get discouraged because there’s so much out there that’s just…not good. Shelley gives some amazing suggestions and I think I even found a new favorite author. Oliver Jeffers. Oh my word, his illustrations alone won me over. I couldn’t sign up to follow this blog fast enough. 😉

Ah, it’s over.
Happy and sad.

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  1. I totally love that you spent so much time with crafts for your children. I know the girls loved having this to look forward to every day.

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