31 Day Challenge: Day 2 (Craft Stick Puzzles)


The girls loved todays project – craft stick puzzles.

It’s very simple and the supply list is super short:
Craft sticks (obviously)

First, lay out about seven or eight craft sticks together and tape them together on one side.

Flip it over and let your little artists create their own masterpieces on the front of the sticks.

It should come as no surprise to anyone who knows them that Madeline went straight to work on a ladybug, and Susannah drew one of her beloved butterflies.

When the drawing is complete, peel off the tape, mix up the sticks, and let the kids go to town putting their puzzles back together.

They really enjoyed this one, and can’t wait to show their creations to daddy when gets home!

5 thoughts on “31 Day Challenge: Day 2 (Craft Stick Puzzles)”

  1. Wow Madeline draws so well! This is so cute…. Your projects are my inspirations for playgroup(: So thank you!

    1. I agree with Auntie Ang! Madeline DOES draw well, and your project here is absolutely adorable!!! I am looking forward to the rest of the month!

      1. I should probably mention that I helped her out a tiny bit. Only with the head/antenna. She did most of it, but I did help her shape them, just a tiny bit.

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