31 Day Challenge: Day 3 (Q-tip Art)


Susannah said today’s project was the “funnest ever,” so I think it’s safe to say that we’ll be doing it again.

What we used:

Pencils (the erasers, to be precise)
Ink pads
Printables (found here – they have an awesome collection available on this website)

Madeline was much more into it after she started using her fingers as stamps…

I even made a page. It really was fun.

I intended to give them some blank paper so they could create their own original art, but we didn’t have enough time today.
We’ll definitely be re-visiting this project in the near future.

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6 thoughts on “31 Day Challenge: Day 3 (Q-tip Art)”

  1. what?! who did the FIRST tree? and what were the qtips for?
    I want one. a nice multi-seasonal tree.
    you may make me one.
    i will let you.

    1. Oh…I think I did that one, too. As a demonstration. Of course. 😉

      Use the q-tips like the erasers. Dip them in ink and press onto your paper. Super easy.

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