31 Day Writing Challenge: Trying New Things

I love October.  It’s the time of year that the temperature drops below broiling (at least in Texas.  usually.), it’s the beginning of beautiful, glorious autumn, and it marks the start of the holiday season.

All of those things combined are pretty awesome, but I also look forward to the 31 Day writing challenge that the Nester hosts every year in October.  This will be my fourth year participating (you can see my previous topics here, here, and here), and it’s always challenging and stressful and hard.  But it’s also invigorating and stimulating and rewarding, so I find myself looking forward to it every year as a means to breathe a little life into my writing. I love to write, but sometimes I need to remind myself of that fact.  So here I am, October 1st, and the past few months have been HARD.  I feel like schooling and life has run over me like a bus. A large one.

So this year I’ve decided on a topic that will (hopefully) be fun, but not require more time than I currently have to give.


I’m a bit of a list lover so I should be able to easily find 31 new things to try and cross off this month.  I’m going to try and step out of my comfort zone a little, pick up some new habits, and stop the procrastinating all at the same time. I’m excited to start – feel free to pick a topic of your own and join the challenge. Or you can browse the blog lists for some interesting topics if writing isn’t your thing.

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I’ll try to link each post back to this page to provide a complete index.

Stay tuned for the day one challenge.

Day 1 – Sushi
Day 2 – New Book Genre
Day 3 – Makeup Organization
Day 4 – DIY Eye Makeup Remover
Day 5 – Mother/Daughter Journals
Day 6 – Speaking Kindly
Day 7 – Metal Stamping
Day 8 – Art Journal
Day 9 – DIY Floor Cleaner
Day 10 – Homemade Donuts
Day 11 – Stencil Mask
Day 12 – DIY Boot Cuffs
Day 13 – Quiche
Day 14
Day 15 – Yoga
Day 16 – Bathroom Drawer Organization
Day 17 – Grilling Meat
Day 18 – House Cleaning Schedule
Day 19 – Leave-In Conditioner
Day 20 – Unexpected Happy Mail
Day 21 – DIY Eyeshadow Primer
Day 22 – Nail Art/Jamberry Products
Day 23 – Japanese Hibachi
Day 24 – Spray Tan
Day 25 – Jewelry Organization
Day 26 – Wearing a Scarf
Day 27 – High Heels
Day 28
Day 29 –

Day 30
Day 31 –



2 thoughts on “31 Day Writing Challenge: Trying New Things”

  1. I almost named my series this very same thing! I’m basically trying something new almost every single day this month as well, so I’m excited to see what you will chose. I’m going to attempt to try things that might normally be out of my comfort zone, and see how it goes. Good luck!

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