40 Before 40

In no particular order, 40 things I want to accomplish before turning the big 40.

  1. Tour the East Coast (we’re purposely holding off on this until our kids are a little older)
  2. Learn Calligraphy
  3. Visit Amber – done 2/2015!
  4. Learn to sing harmony *snicker* Yeah, right.
  5. Go back to Alaska – done 6/2014
  6. Grown peonies and/or a beautiful flowerbed in front of my house – done 2012
  7. Read a biography or autobiography of every president
  8. Make myself clothing that I will actually WEAR
  9. Learn to swim (better) and teach the girls – done(ish). work in progress.
  10. Complete “My Life” journal
  11. Create a quilt – done (2015-2016)
  12. Host a girlfriends crafting weekend
  13. Donate Blood (How have I still not done this?!) – done 5/2015
  14. Be able to do pullups
  15. Reach goal weight/size
  16. Teach girls to bake/cook – done 2014-ongoing
  17. Learn to take exceptional photos
  18. Crochet a blanket.
  19. Make a difference in someone’s life
  20. Keep mother/daughter journal – done 2014-ongoing
  21. Make a multi-course, authentic Chinese meal and eat with chopsticks
  22. Memorize 100 Bible verses
  23. Take girls to the ballet
  24. See replica of the ark – done (7/2016)
  25. Learn to draw
  26. Make the master bedroom into a haven
  27. Teach girls to play piano – done 2014-ongoing
  28. Backpack the entire trail in Oklahoma
  29. Switch to re-useable napkins/paper towels – done 2013
  30. Complete an art journal – done 2015-onging
  31. Visit Hawaii or other tropical destination – does Key West count?
  32. Invest in a telescope and learn the constellations with the girls – done 2015-ongoing
  33. Keep a year-long gratitude journal and make daily entries
  34. Run a 10K
  35. Write Psalms in my own words (dad said he did this in college and I’ve wanted to try it ever since)
  36. Make beautiful cakes – done (beauty is relative, right? but I’ve experimented lots.)
  37. Paint a watercolor – done
  38. Teach the girls to sew – done (ongoing)
  39. Have a day filled with RAOK’s towards others
  40. Let go. Probably the hardest, but most necessary – done! (obviously, this is ongoing, but still.)

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