At long last…the rainbow party!

Finally, the long-overdue rainbow party.

This was a fun one, you guys. Really fun.

Maybe my favorite thing about the party was the awesome color wheel we hung in the living room. I wanted to leave it up forever but Jerm nixed that idea because he thinks we need the ceiling fan or something.  Whatever.

Color Wheel edit 2

The view from beneath. Color Wheel edit


Color Wheel 5

Oh, and Susannah had her first lesson on the sewing machine – she sewed a bunch of the circle garlands together.  It was a perfect job for her.

By far the most time-consuming part of the decorations were these fringed streamers.  These are still hanging up, mostly because I haven’t had the energy to take them down since I’ve been home.  I’m thinking about using them in the playroom because they’re just so bright and cheerful.

Rainbow Streamers 3

Rainbow Party Streamers

I meant to use it as a photo backdrop during the party, but wouldn’t you know I forgot.  We snapped a few that evening with the girls, though.  Nice outfits, right?

Madeline Streamers 3edit

Susannah Streamers 2 edit

Rainbow food is so fun!  We had rainbow jello squares, rainbow-sprinkled rice krispy treats, rainbow slush, ice cream pops, and of course, a rainbow cake.

Rainbow Party Dessert Table

Rainbow Ice Cream Pops 3


Rainbow Slush edit

The rice krispy treats were flavored with cake batter, which was an interesting twist.  Jerm really liked them, but I’m not fond of cake batter flavor so I prefer the regular version.

Rainbow Rice Krispie Treats 2

The rainbow jello was an especially big hit.   I’ll definitely be making it for the girls again at some point.

Rainbow Jello

Susannah adored the cake.  It was worth all the time to put it together to see how excited she was about it.  And rainbow layer cakes are always a winner. 🙂

Rainbow Party Cake

Rainbow Cake 7 Edit

And what rainbow party would be complete without a selection of pretty candies to fill the favor bags with?  Not ours, apparently.

Rainbow Party candy


Rainbow Party Dessert Table 5

Besides the candy we also had rainbow wands, rainbow name bracelets, and mini rainbow notepads for each kid to take home.

Rainbow Favor Bags 2 edit

Rainbow Party Favors edit

Rainbow Party Bracelets


The birthday girl.  I only got one or two photos during the party itself because it was so hectic and crowded, but fun was had and cake was eaten and presents were opened.

Party Girl 2 edit

I didn’t plan any games or activities, but the kids still seem to prefer free play, so that worked out well.  I’m not sure any of them could have been still after all that sugar, anyway!

And now I’m done with birthdays for the year and can spend that time praying that my kids infatuation with Frozen won’t last until next spring.  Cause I don’t want to plan a Frozen party….rainbow is way more fun.

Blowing Out Candles



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