August Goal Update

So the month is up, and it’s time to face the music.
It’s kind of been one of those Dr Seuss-y weird, wild-ish couple of weeks. Lots of new schedules and changes happening around here right now.

Here’s how I did on the goals I set for August:

  • Exercise 5-6 days per week, 1 hour sessions.  – I rocked this one.  Not that it’s done me much good.  But still.  Score one for Bek.
  • Buy a new exercise bike. – Another yes.  I even found a used one on Craigslist and got it for an awesome price!
  • Finish the last 3 projects the girls and I started in July. – And here comes the negatives.  I did finish one for sure (the giant bubbles), and definitely didn’t finish one for sure (I’ve finally stopped obsessing about it and decided it will get done when it gets done.)  The last one – I’m going to be honest…I can’t remember what it was.  Maybe I finished it and just don’t remember! 🙂  (Note to self: figure out what it was…)
  • Finish sewing the 2 skirts I started for myself….back in May. – Um, no.  Not even one of them.  Failure.
  • Complete a month-long sugar fast. – Negative.  I made it exactly 25 days before I caved for no reason at all.  I don’t know what happened.
  • Finish reading The Wizard of Oz with the girls and move on to Sarah, Plain and Tall– Finished the Wizard of Oz (which, hello, was way weirder than I remember), read Mrs. Piggle-Wiggle as an extra, and we’re in the middle of Sarah, Plain and Tall now.
  • Finish Don Quixote and Shepherding a Child’s Heart (from my personal reading list).  – No.  To both.  I read about 15 books in August, but not one chapter from Don Quixote.  🙁  
  • Finish making schedules and lists for school and begin 1st grade and kindergarten. – Well, I didn’t really have much choice in this, did I?  But I’ll take my successes where I can get them.  And to be fair, this one did take a good bit of time.  We’ve survived the first two weeks!
  • Make and implement a new cleaning schedule. – Of all my goals, this is the one I’m most proud of.  I adore lists and following lists, so I don’t know why I haven’t been following a set cleaning schedule until now.  It makes me so happy that I don’t even mind cleaning and {gasp} doing laundry.  Which reminds me, I need to go hang the clean stuff up…


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