Back to School


I know, I just finally posted our end of school photos from last year.  But we’re starting 1st grade and kindergarten around here this week, so you’ll just have to excuse the redundancy.

Even though they’re almost exactly the same as last year.  Ahem.

Maybe at some point I’ll get adventurous and branch out, but at this point I consider it a success that I even took photos at all.  I’m feeling a little overwhelmed at the moment.  I’m a little afraid I’m going to completely botch up my kids education…

Our first day is technically tomorrow, since I didn’t quite get myself together to start today.  But now we’ve made our trip to the library, acquired those last few school supplies we lacked, and as long as I can wrap my brain around this weird Math-U-See stuff we should be up and at it in the A.M.  (Is it a bad sign that I feel lost on the very first lesson of FIRST GRADE math?!)

August 2013 053edit

August 2013 055edit

August 2013 072edit

August 2013 062edit1

August 2013 073edit2

August 2013 056edit1

August 2013 065edit

 Let the adventure begin.

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  1. Rebekah,

    Your kids are adorable! My oldest starts kindergarten next year… I haven’t decided if I’m completely excited or totally dreading it! =)

    I have an email to send you, if you’re still interested in being a contributor on While He Was Napping. Send me a quick note at whilehewasnapping@gmail{dot}com so I have your email address! Thanks!


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