Blog-tember, Day 13: If I could be Jerm for a day…

Tuesday, Sept. 13: If you could switch lives with someone for a day, who would it be? Why?

This was a hard one. My first thought was Chip Gaines, because I wouldn’t want to switch lives with Joanna – I’d want to hang out with her and watch her work her magic. But then I remembered how much I hate interacting with people I don’t know so I ditched that idea and went with someone I’ve wished I could switch places with for ages: Jerm.

He’s the king of striking ridiculous poses when I try to get photos of him. He really doesn’t make a habit of staring off into the distance while standing on the edge of a cliff…

While I don’t think I’d particularly enjoy being a guy for any amount of time, I’ve wished for a long time (along with countless other women, I’m sure) that I could understand the way my husband thinks. (Also, it’d be nice for him to be in MY brain for a while, too. RIGHT?!) We’ve mostly learned to deal with the things we don’t understand about each other, but no matter how hard we’ve tried, there are definitely some things we just don’t get about the other person.

Also, I’d like to understand, for even just a few minutes, some of the technical stuff he deals with every day. I’m the worst at understanding anything science-y (ha!) and technology is more my enemy than my friend most of the time, so it’d be cool to actually get what he does for a living.

Plus, Jerm is a pretty cool guy. I mean, he doesn’t even try and everybody still likes him. Sometimes I wish I could shut my brain off , not care what people think anymore, and just go with the flow. Not gonna happen, yall. But it’s fun to dream.

So your turn. Who would you be for a day if you could?

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