Blog-tember, Day 2: About Goals

september goals

I haven’t done a goal update in forever, like since the beginning of the year. Actually, as I checked back on my single goal post for 2016 I realize that I didn’t even share many goals, just a few regarding reading (complete 2 challenges) and journaling.

So, quick update on the reading – I’m exactly half done with the Modern Mrs Darcy challenge and 2/3 of the way through the Bringing Up Burns challenge. A few that I could use help with are: a book written in the decade you were born (1970’s), a book that was banned at some point, a book I should have read in school, and a book recommended by a friend, spouse, sibling, etc. Anybody have any great suggestions? I’d love to hear them! I’m also keeping up well with my journaling, and am a little surprised by how much I enjoy it.

I don’t have tons of goals for this month, but here are a few:

  • Get rolling on my Christmas lists so I can start collecting/making gifts, planning card photos, do project prep., etc.
  • Make a (fairly) detailed outline for our history and science this year since I’m no longer following an exact curriculum in these subjects.
  • Buy or make curtains for my living area and bedroom and PUT THEM UP.
  • Complete at least half of the Blog-tember prompts.

Also, I updated my 40 by 40 list for the first time in a while and while I’ve made some decent progress, I probably need to seriously get to work if I want to finish it out by the time I’m 40. Kind of terrifying, people.

 So the weekend is looking busy, but I’ll try to keep up, and if not I’ll catch up on Monday! Happy Friday, yall!