Blog-tember, Day 3: Summer Fav’s

I’ve been out and about all day and since OF COURSE I haven’t planned out any of these posts ahead of time, I’m just barely squeaking in under the wire for the day 3 prompt – summer favorites.

Since that prompt can be taken in about a hundred different directions and since I love and adore and pretty much live for lists, I’m going to share some favorites from this summer (but not necessarily summer-y things).

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Favorite book I read: Can I pick both a fiction and non-fiction book? Yes? Nonfiction: Shepherding a Child’s Heart by Ted Tripp – I’m not even quite finished with this one yet, but I’m seriously loving it. So good, so challenging, so needed. Fiction: Salt to the Sea by Ruta Sepetys. Eek! I was not expecting this one. It snuck on me and then SLEW ME. (WWII novel that alternates between 4 different narrators, which I usually hate, but it worked in this book. So good; read it.)

Favorite city I visited: Cincinnati! I adored everything we did there and it was totally the surprise favorite of our road trip.

Favorite thing I ate: Glazed donut grilled cheese from Tom+Chee – so unique and yummalicious.

Favorite song: Country Roads by John Denver. I’ve been obsessed with this song all summer. Don’t call me lame. I already know.

Favorite TV show: Downton Abbey. I just finished the final season and pretty much squalled my way through the last few episodes. In case anyone is like me and putting off watching until they can’t stand it any longer, I won’t give any spoilers, but…hello redemption for a few of the characters I just couldn’t stand for most of the series. Sob.

Favorite activity: It’s impossible to choose between our epic road trip in July and visiting my grandma in August (I look forward to that week all year)! Both equally awesome.

Favorite accomplishment: Checking off everything on my summer bucket list. Don’t be too impressed, it wasn’t all that long. But still.

Favorite color combo: Navy and gold. Liking gold still weirds me out, but I so, so do. It doesn’t matter that they’re not even close to summer colors. We’ve already discussed my color/decorating/fashion failings on this blog. 😉

Favorite moment: When my sister told me her all-time most embarrassing story while we visited at our grandmas house. I won’t share her story here because I still want her to come visit me at Thanksgiving, but it was hilarious and makes me giggle whenever I think about it.

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