Blog-tember, Day 4: Currently in September

I’m actually a day behind with this prompt, but whatevs. I love lists so I didn’t want to skip this one entirely, but wasn’t home long enough yesterday to get to it (and we’ve already discussed my complete lack of preparation for this challenge).

Reading… The Silver Chair to the girls (we’re almost done with the Narnia books!), And Then There Were None (my first ever Agatha Christie read), Shepherding a Child’s Heart (still), The Unexpected Everything (which is cute, but I just can’t seem to finish up).
Playing…the piano (about twice a week) and Boggle with the girls and Jerm
Watching…Gilmore Girls (again)
Trying… to not eat sugar
Cooking…lots of Trim Healthy Mama recipes
Eating… green grapes
Drinking… Coke Zero. I can’t quit.
Calling… my sister Ang for hair advice
Texting…my sisters
Pinning… stamp sets to my wishlist
Tweeting… nothing. I don’t tweet.
Going… to the dentist tomorrow (but we’ll console ourselves with a stop at Hobby Lobby)
Loving… the tiny drop in temperature we’ve seen in the past few weeks
Hating… the days when it still feels like the worst of summer
Discovering… that I have way too many craft supplies
Thinking… that my kids are growing up way too fast
Feeling… like I’m getting sick 🙁
Hoping (for)… new Converse since I discovered a hole in my beloved pair yesterday
Listening (to)… The Distant Hours while I walk in the evenings
Smelling… my shampoo
Ordering… books from Amazon
Thanking… God that my grandma is okay
Considering… dying my hair
Starting… to organize and purge my home room by room
Finishing… my 3 day weekend with Jerm 🙁

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  1. I was extremely surprised to see all these post and extremely ashamed that I am just now commenting. You have been busy and I love reading these posts. Keep up the good work. Love you friend!

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