Blogtember, Day 7: Joy

Sidenote: This was actually yesterday’s prompt. I had it ready to go last night, but due to technical difficulties couldn’t post until today. Nice one, blog.

Today’s prompt: 5 things that bring me joy.

When I started thinking about this one I realized that a lot of things bring me joy, so this was hard to narrow down. I wouldn’t say these are necessarily the top five things, but they’re the first that came to mind so I just went with them.

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Cake – I adore cake. I’m trying not to eat cake, though. Life is sad without cake.

Books/bookstores/libraries – Books and places I can find books have always been my happy place. I could sit in a bookstore all by myself for hours and hours.

Journaling – I’ve always wanted to journal but never kept up with it much until the past year. It’s my new fav because it’s memory-keeping, a creative outlet, and my sort-of daily planner all rolled into one. I wish I would have started years ago.

My girls – It seems a little crazy that one of my biggest sources of frustration can also be where I find the most joy, but I guess that’s kind of normal for kids. I really, really love the age my girlies are at right now. They’re still in that everything is exciting and silly phase, and it’s so fun to do things together.

Traveling – Because seeing new places is just fun. I think I’m even converting Jerm into a traveler because he keeps talking about where we’ll go/what we’ll see next. There’s something magical about visiting a new place (or even re-visiting favorite destinations), right? Traveling with Jerm is one of my favorite things to do, even if it’s just for a few hours.

So, there you have it. Five things that bring me joy. What brings you joy?

4 thoughts on “Blogtember, Day 7: Joy”

  1. I am not sure if all of these are my top 5 favorites, but very close for sure.

    Vanilla Breve extra hot ~ There is something about the extra warm smoothness that comforts me.

    Sunflowers ~ I remember standing in a large field of sunflowers as a kid. They towered over me with large beautiful heads. That may be why I am drawn to sunflowers. But, in reality, they just make me happy! I especially find that the yellow petals bring instant cheer. Yellow has been my favorite color since childhood.

    Essential Oils ~ My preference is the DoTerra brand (my research tells me they are safe). These oils bless me everyday of the year. My children use to call me “the witch-doctor” because I wanted them to try the oils for certain things. I am just thankful The Lord gave me something natural to assist my body in healing itself. My go-to oil to diffuse (it’s in the diffuser right now) is wild orange. It makes me sooo happy!

    Traveling ~ I am not sure where the love for travel came from, but I am sure blessed to have a lifestyle that allows it! Now that I am finished homeschooling my children (I believe 24 years total), I will have the opportunity to travel with Jason on his business trips. I am planning to up my review frequency on TripAdvisor. If anyone wants to follow our travels, you should be able to look me up under the name “Makakilosunflower.”

    My Family ~ Oh my family…they are the light of my life. I am so blessed that God chose to give me children and grandchildren. Have I mentioned how precious grandchildren are?? All I can say is ~ LOVE ~

    1. I love your list! I don’t know much about essential oils (just what Ang has told me), but the orange sounds like a really good one to have in a diffuser. I may have to try it out. Every few years the farmers near us plant giant fields of sunflowers and the girls go nuts. They’re pretty amazing and get so gigantic! I’ll def look you up on TripAdvisor; I’m a sucker for anything travel-related and love following along when my friends go to new places. And finally, I love your kids, too!

  2. I wanted to comment on Laurie’s list. LOVE IT! I have started getting interested in Oils. I got a diffuser last year when Hudson stayed so sick. I could not tell that it helped a lot but I sure did love the smell that it left in my home.

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