Friday Finds: Give me all the Converse

I’ve always been a creature of habit. Pretty much from ages 10-20 I wore one kind of shoes: Keds. White Keds, black Keds, knock-off Keds.  Now that I’m well into my (much wiser) 30’s I’ve found a new obsession: Converse. I even got Jerm to wear them for a while ,which he thoroughly hated, calling them the most uncomfortable shoes he’s ever worn. (I disagree, but whatevs.) Even so, he looked pretty cool for the year he had them. 🙂

I had just purchased a new black pair after having completely worn through my previous ones when I saw that I could buy them in PINK for just $35 shipped through Brad’s Deals (it was actually a Nike promo, but I saw them in a Brad’s Deals advertisement). Since that’s close to half off and shipping was free I couldn’t resist. So now I can switch off and pretty much wear nothing but Converse for the rest of my life. 😉 And look how cute the pink is!

Do you have a favorite brand of shoe? Any other Converse lovers out there? Let’s be friends. Cause despite what Jerm thinks, they’re the best.


Blog-tember, Day 25: Nachoooooooo

So it’s been a crazy week with school and normal life stuff, so I didn’t get to participate in the Blog-tember project as much as I’d have liked. That’s life, I guess, and hopefully I’ll do a little better this week (no promises).

I haven’t shared any awesome handmade shops in a while so I thought I’d do that for today’s prompt. Small businesses are my fav!

Sunday, Sept. 25: Review something! 
A place, a book, a service, a product. Anything at all!

I think hoop art is such a cute addition to a gallery wall and I’ve been telling msyelf for years now that I need to learn the art of embroidery so I can create my own pretties. Since that stilllll hasn’t happened (boo) I have to content myself with being awed by the skills of other people and then one day I happened upon and Instagram photo of a hoop someone had purchased from bazaarLatino on Etsy and, you guys, it was NACHO LIBRE! I instantly contacted the shop about getting my own. There’s no such thing as waiting around to learn stuff in my own time when it comes to Nacho. He’s the baest. 😉


 Is that not awesome? (If you don’t think so I don’t want to know.) The hoop is tiny and perfect and I have it hanging in a place of honor right behind my sewing machine so I can smile at it whenever I’m ripping out stitches.

Be sure to pop over and check out the Etsy shop; she has all kinds of cute hoop art listed (and other things as well!).


Blog-tember, Day 13: If I could be Jerm for a day…

Tuesday, Sept. 13: If you could switch lives with someone for a day, who would it be? Why?

This was a hard one. My first thought was Chip Gaines, because I wouldn’t want to switch lives with Joanna – I’d want to hang out with her and watch her work her magic. But then I remembered how much I hate interacting with people I don’t know so I ditched that idea and went with someone I’ve wished I could switch places with for ages: Jerm.

He’s the king of striking ridiculous poses when I try to get photos of him. He really doesn’t make a habit of staring off into the distance while standing on the edge of a cliff…

While I don’t think I’d particularly enjoy being a guy for any amount of time, I’ve wished for a long time (along with countless other women, I’m sure) that I could understand the way my husband thinks. (Also, it’d be nice for him to be in MY brain for a while, too. RIGHT?!) We’ve mostly learned to deal with the things we don’t understand about each other, but no matter how hard we’ve tried, there are definitely some things we just don’t get about the other person.

Also, I’d like to understand, for even just a few minutes, some of the technical stuff he deals with every day. I’m the worst at understanding anything science-y (ha!) and technology is more my enemy than my friend most of the time, so it’d be cool to actually get what he does for a living.

Plus, Jerm is a pretty cool guy. I mean, he doesn’t even try and everybody still likes him. Sometimes I wish I could shut my brain off , not care what people think anymore, and just go with the flow. Not gonna happen, yall. But it’s fun to dream.

So your turn. Who would you be for a day if you could?

Hello World, Remember Me?

My blog has been a little quiet lately. A lot quiet, actually. To be honest, I’ve been seriously considering deleting the whole thing for about a year and half now. I kept asking myself what I was trying to accomplish with it and WHY I was still writing. See, it started out as a way to keep in touch with all my far-away friends and family, and was a sort of family journal. Then it was all about the crafts and projects I was trying out and eventually I even started writing sponsored posts, which was sometimes fun and sometimes…not. So I’ve just kind of floundered this year, trying to decide what exactly I wanted to DO with this blog or if I even wanted to do anything at all. I cut way back on my posting (like, I could count the number of posts in 2015 on two hands…if I was the 6-fingered man and had five hands), sticking mainly to the occasional update on what the kids were up to in school and a few book reviews and goal updates. I didn’t participate in the October daily blogging challenge for the first time in years and it was both sad for me and also very freeing. Why did I feel like I needed to do that every year anyway?

So I’ve decided that I do want to keep writing. But I don’t want to pick a category to blog in. Maybe I’ll share a craft or recipe that I’m enjoying. Maybe I’ll post a ton of photos of my kids. I’ll probably write about the books I’m enjoying or hating. I might lose all my readers (if I haven’t already, because seriously, it’s been boring around here). But that’s okay, because I want to write what I’m interested in and not worry about the rest. I want to write for me and I’m cool if I’m the only one who reads it. (Except, let’s be real, if you’re related to me I’ll probably expect you to read it, too, and throat-punch you if you don’t.)

I refuse to box myself into committing to a certain number of postings, but I will definitely TRY to be more consistent and post at least weekly. I’m excited to share some new things I’m trying and discovering and I’m happy to be writing again. I’ll probably be back in a few days with a recap of my 2015 goals and a fresh new list for 2016, because goal-setting and goal-achieving makes me happy.

If you’re still here reading after all this time, I’m happy to have you here, too.


Friday Five: the Homeschool Shenanigans Edtition

Well, wouldn’t you know it, despite all my good intentions, another three weeks has sped by without a single word posted. I’m sure by this point no one even checks anymore, but for those loyal few who do, here are a few things we’ve been up to in the great homeschooling adventure lately.

  • First up, I’m just going to admit that last year totally overwhelmed me and I spent the last half of the year pretty much in panic mode until I finally had to cut back on anything but the bare basics. Piano, projects, art – they all had to stop for a few months while I searched for my sanity. Thankfully I seem to be a little more in control of our schedule this year (so far) and we’ve been able to get back into the fun stuff a bit. (Although, let’s be honest, teaching piano will never be a fun thing for me. Ever.) I even added in a few new goals, like teaching cooking and sewing on a semi-regular basis and the girls are loving it. Here’s Susannah’s first creation. Behold, the monster cookie:  IMG_3961 edit IMG_3962edit They were cute and fun and bright and colorful, just like her.


  • I saw a similar cake on Pinterest a while back and Mad and I had fun re-creating it. This kid loves anything that roars. She’s SO LOUD. Don’t let the innocent face deceive you. She’s an instigator, always ruffling everyone’s feathers. I don’t know where she gets that from. 😉 IMG_4034 IMG_4048


  • A couple of history related projects:We learned the difference between fools gold and the real thing and experimented a little by testing it’s malleability. IMG_4044 IMG_4045  We also attempted to dig for gold without collapsing our flour mines on top of the poor Incan slaves (imaginary, of course, although Madeline wanted to put her Prince Hans figurine in there…!!!). IMG_3918 IMG_3920


  • We took the girls to a musical production of Fancy Nancy and let them dress as fancy as they pleased. As you can see, they aren’t girly at all. It was a lot of fun and Susannah made sure to meet and get everyones signatures, but Mad said it was too embarrassing. She’s the least shy, least embarrassed kid I’ve ever met, so I have no idea what that was about. IMG_3981edit IMG_4001edit IMG_3994 Susannah’s favorite, surprisingly, was Bree. IMG_4002edit


  • And finally, a question. What are some good field trips to take kids on? I really want to plan some out so they actually happen this year and we have just about anything you can dream up somewhere in the the DFW area. Suggestions, please!


Friday Five

It’s sad that it’s been so long that I’m actually rusty at writing, right? Wow, awkward sentence. But anyway, thought I’d crank out a Friday Five to share what’s been happening around here lately. We’re still digging the year-round school schedule so we’re just now heaiding into new grades, which brings us to…

#1 – 2015-2016 School Year   Susannah’s going into 3rd grade and is very nervous about learning multiplication and very excited about art and piano. 😉 Madeline is starting 2nd and is excited about nothing. Ooooh well, sister.

IMG_3862edit IMG_3865edit


#2 – Rosie turned 1 and the girls insisted on celebrating with a party. They planned everything, did all the decorations (the streamer cat was awesome and they spent an entire afternoon making confetti by shredding paper into tiny pieces), picked out the gifts, made the cupcakes, etc.  It was pretty much the party of the year. 😉 Rosie didn’t quite know what to make of all the attention, though.

IMG_3839 IMG_3841   IMG_3878   IMG_3846 IMG_3844

#3 – We’ve seen a couple of really big snakes lately. I think they’re kind of cool. You know, as long as I don’t have to touch them. Madeline obviously thinks they’re ADORABLE. (I don’t know, you guys. She doesn’t get it from me.)

#4 – Susannah and I have been doing some sewing together. She’s been dying to learn and is almost finished with her first project (an apron featuring Olaf). I’ll be sure to take a photo when it’s complete. She’s always so excited to learn new things, I hope she’s never loses her enthusiasm.

#5 – Jerm’s uncle Rob and aunt Flo visited from Denver last week, which was pretty awesome. They’re super fun and everyone loved getting to visit with them. I’m lame so I didn’t get a single photo, though. Bad me.

Hopefully I can get back to posting regularly because this whole rusty thing isn’t fun. 😉





May in Review

Guys, I don’t even know where this month has gone. Every week I have plans for posting more frequently on here and then the week actually happens and I find myself failing miserably, most of the time without blogging at all.

We’ve stayed busy with school, pushing pretty hard to make it to a good stopping point before taking June off. Because of that, we’ve forgone most of the projects and extra activities that we were doing at the first of the year. Hopefully we’ll get to start all that back up in August when we start the new school year, cause the girls miss them a lot. I’m pretty much just tired and ready for a break at this point, so June will be glorious.

The girls and I had a date and saw Cinderella. We raaaarely go to the theater (this was only their second time) so it was a treat for all of us.  They especially enjoyed the Frozen short at the beginning…like every other little girl in America, I’m sure. I just endured that part (insert eye roll here).

Nice glowy eyes, right?

I looked out the window one day and had to snap a photo of Susannah reading a story to Madeline. They stayed like this for at least an hour and it made me so stinkin happy.



Susannah started talking about swap meets all of a sudden and was super obsessed with them, so we had our very own with handmade items. It was a blast and in typical Susannah-overachiever fashion, she made about a zillion more than everybody else. She’s such a creative little soul. And in typical Madline fashion, she lost all of hers and had to scrounge something together at the last minute.  She kills me.

IMG_3407 IMG_3408 IMG_3409


The past week has been spent almost entirely at the hospital, since my dad-in-law is in the ICU. He’s still not recovered, but is a more stable than he was, which we’re very thankful for.  It was a very long, scary week for the family, and we’re all glad it’s behind us and things are looking more hopeful now. Heather came up for a few days to watch the girls for me and was a huge help to us.

IMG_3416 IMG_3420


I’ve got more to share, and a few books to review and fun mail stuff and even a few projects, so hopefully I can get my act together a little better and it won’t be a month before I get on here again.

Thanks for all the prayers and thoughts many of you have sent our way this past week, it means so much to the whole fam.