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Tuesday Letter

Dear Madeline, no, lip gloss does not make your hair look better….unless you’re digging the greaseball look.  I’m so happy you decided to experiment.  Dear Susannah, let me share a little nugget of wisdom with you.  If you value your phone at all you will stop setting alarms to go off in the dead of night.  Especially since you stuff your phone in the far corners of a bag/purse/tote, which you then stuff in the deep, darkest corners of a closet/bucket/chest…and digging around blindly in the playroom in the middle of the night makes me realize just how much purging needs to be done.  Dear Madeline (again), although you’ve always been a champion puker, I think you won the gold medal Saturday night/Sunday morning.  You managed to get it on every single surface between your room and the bathroom.  Go you.  Dear Caleb, tell us all about your smoker turned raging inferno….