Christmas Dresses

The girls dresses were done a full three days early!
Sorry in advance for the poor photo quality; they were taken on my phone.

Madeline’s dress fit her perfectly and the hat even looked pretty cute. I have to admit, the hats had me a little worried.
And wouldn’t you know it, I couldn’t find any ivory tights or an ivory shirt for her to wear (and I looked ev-er-y-where), so we had to use white. It was somewhat traumatic for me.
And her new shoes didn’t fit so she had to wear non-matching shoes, too.
Tragedy, I tell you.

I originally wanted to make both of their dresses with this fabric, but Susannah begged for purple. Which, by the way, is probably my least favorite color in the whole world. But I see a lot of it in my future.

These were taken Sunday afternoon, by which time the wild one had already stained her white vest and torn a gargantuan hole in her new tights. She also declined to wear the hat (Which is amazing, but probably a good thing. Hats aren’t usually very flattering with her haircut.).

I promise I measured her, but the dress was quite a bit too big.
Ah, well.
At least it’ll fit her for a while.

Wildness, thy name is Susannah.

5 thoughts on “Christmas Dresses”

  1. ^^^^^^^^ what Ang said. Yes, purple is in your future. And torn tights. Thankfully you don’t need them too much where you live. Madeline’s hat looks A-DOR-A-BLE on her.

  2. HI Rebekah, I love your blog! You are so COOL. I thought I’d tell you that I read in Goodhousekeeping magazine about a lady with some trouble with white lace curtains. If she couldn’t get them white again, it was suggested to dye them with tea bags–maybe you could experiment with dyeing some white stuff. I’m sure there is a wealth of info online. THanks for blogging!!! Natasha

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