Day 24: the one I haven’t finished

Okay, I feel weird recommending a book that I haven’t even finished yet.  Truthfully, I haven’t even made it to the halfway point.  Bad me, I know.  I’ll keep it short.

John Adams by David McCullough has (so far) been one of the most interesting and detailed historical biographies I’ve ever read.

john adams

Like I said, I haven’t finished it yet.  I think giant wordy books intimidate me because I’m having the exact same issue working my way through Don Quixote (even though I find it pretty hilarious).  This could also be the reason I own four of McCullough’s books and have yet to complete one.  My only complaint is that they’re maybe a little TOO detailed and I get helplessly bogged down pretty often.  I seem to have lost my ability to skim through wordy passages.

In the end it doesn’t matter; I’ll persevere, finish, and be happy to cross another Presidential biography off my list.  And seriously, I think McCullough may be a genius.

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