Day 25: Read-alouds for boys (and girls)

I know…that isn’t fair, right?  But I can’t really see many boys being interested in Little Women, while I can see girls liking A Series of Unfortunate Events.  I like them, at any rate.

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These books are fun and funny and entertaining and interesting.  And weird and silly and ridiculous.  Which pretty much means…perfection.

The Chronicles of Narnia 

chronicles of narnia

I still to this day do not understand HOW I never read these as a child.  I heard people talking about them, but was never curious I guess.  I read the entire series after viewing the first movie.  Excellent books and decent movies.  Reepicheep was my all-time favorite character, but Lucy was a close second.

The Redwall series


Okay, I confess, I’m not a HUGE Redwall fan.  I’ve only read a few of the books.  I’m just not an animal person.  BUT Madeline is the biggest animal lover I’ve ever known so I think she’ll really enjoy these.  Plus, they’re well-written and entertaining (the few I’ve read were, anyway).

Obviously, none of these books were written specifically for boys, but at least I know of a few that I could read to boys if the need ever arose.  You know, if I lost my sanity and decided to have another kid and it came out a boy.  Which I know it probably would, now that I’ve decided I never want one.  And then it would probably refuse to be potty trained and I would hate myself forever for not being content with two kids.  See, I’ve already talked myself out of it. Besides, I’m too old.

See the rest of the series here.


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