Day 27: The one that gave me direction


I always planned on homeschooling my kids, but I wasn’t quite sure how I was going to go about it.  I like the idea of unit studies, but I’ve never seen them in action.  I mostly knew what I didn’t want to do (A.C.E.), which wasn’t really all that much help when Susannah started approaching school age.   I read a few books and a lot of blogs and found myself more confused and undecided with each new page I read.

And then I picked up The Well-Trained Mind.  I don’t remember if someone recommended it to me or if I just stumbled on it, but either way I’m really glad I read it.

the well trained mind

I’m so impressed with this book and the classical method of education (which honestly, I’d never even heard of before I cracked this book), and for now I’m following the Bauer’s recommendations pretty closely.   I don’t know if I always will.  Maybe it won’t end up being the best option for us, but for right now we’re all really enjoying school and my girls are both developing into strong readers (yay!), which was my main goal for these early years.  I especially find the idea of introducing classical literature to young children fascinating.  Susannah and I read Black Ships Before Troy  (a retelling of The Iliad) earlier this year and I realized that other than a vague knowledge of the Trojan horse I’d never even heard the story before.   Which brings me to the next book I’d like to read:  The Well-Educated Mindwhich is written for adults.

Do you have any favorite home-schooling resources?  I would seriously love to hear your recommendations!

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  1. glad you searched for your own best way to homeschool for now. That is always the best. Sorry you didn’t get all the classics when you were schooling, but you didn’t suffer for it. You can read them alllllllllllllllllll now. 😉

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