Deals and Steals: Ibotta (smartphone app)

I’m guessing a lot of you have already heard of or are using Ibotta already, but did you know that you can score some really great deals using it?  I really didn’t until a few weeks ago when I purchased a TON of stuff – and thanks to Ibotta, got it all for free!

So here’s the scoop.  Ibotta is a phone app that offers savings on items you buy at grocery or drug stores.  Certain products are featured and when you buy them you are credited with the offered amount in your account.  When your account reaches $5 you can cash out.  The really awesome thing about Ibotta is that you can use paper coupons on top of the app savings to score some really sweet deals.  I’ve been using it for six or eight months and have gotten several items for pennies or even free, but let me show you what I got last week.

photo (59)


Seriously, how awesome is it that?!

I used coupons on most of the items and also received the Ibotta savings for each item (between $0.50 and $1 per item).  The real savings kicked in with the bonus offers Ibotta also had running: buy 10 of these items and receive an additional $20, buy items on 2 consecutive days and earn a $5 bonus, and some combination deals (buy items x, y, and z and earn an extra $3).
So after all coupons and Ibotta credits I paid only tax on:

  • 12 double rolls Scott toilet paper
  • 12 double rolls Cottonelle toilet paper
  • 8 big rolls of Viva paper towels (YAY!)
  • 4 boxes of Kleenex
  • Colgate toothpaste
  • Colgate Optic toothbrush
  • Cottonelle cleansing wipes
  • Scott cleansing wipes
  • Huggies baby wipes
  • Huggies diapers (donated to Heather to prove I’m a good sister)
  • Poise liners
  • Kotex U tampons

I love stockpiling paper items, because it’s so hard to find great deals on them.

So if you aren’t using Ibotta, you should definitely look into it.  It’s an easy way to save a few extra bucks on items you already buy, and once in a while you just may score an awesome haul for free!