Fairy Tale Month: Our Week One Pick

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My girls and I are super excited to kick off the first week of our Fairy Tale month!

I don’t expect anyone to be surprised that our first book choice for Fairy Tale Month is The Princess and the Pea.

(insert fanfare here)

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Because seriously, my girls are obsessed.

Here’s the deal with the Princess and the Pea.
The original story by Hans Christian Anderson is seriously lacking in…well, substance.
Basically it goes like this:
This prince wants to get married, but only to a real princess.
Nobody else will do.
Girl gets lost in woods and seeks shelter at his castle.
She proves she’s a princess by noticing a pea under a giant pile of mattresses she’s sleeping on.
They immediately get married.
The end.


So I dug around a couple of libraries and found some embellished versions that, if nothing else, at least provided some entertainment.
(For me. Because my girls are already highly entertained by this story. I don’t know why.)
A few of the authors tried to build on the princesses character, but all they could really add was that she was very kind and had good manners (apparently also defining princess characteristics, along with having very sensitive skin).
I’m okay with that.

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We’ll be working on some really fun projects that go along with our story, and can’t wait to share them with you at the end of the week!

Until then, we shall be practicing our kindness and politeness.
And, you know, our sensitivity.

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8 thoughts on “Fairy Tale Month: Our Week One Pick”

  1. This is the cutest idea…. I was even considering joining in and doing it along with you… But somehow I managed to get every single day of the next week and a half booked up with SOMETHING…dinner dates,birthday parties,haircuts,taking care of other people,helping husband fix car,messing my back up,bible studies,special meals….. Sigh…. Last week was nice and slow,but now it’s back to the crazy lambert ways

  2. They are obsessed because I had my computer read it to them and when one listens “pea” can easily be replaced (by the reprobate mind) with “pee”. Granted, this is not exactly the ideal obsession for aspiring princesses, but funny nonetheless.

    1. I had a funny feeling that had something to do with it, they are Lewis’s and anytime you even remotely include a body function in a story it is a hit with Lewis kids.

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