Family Initial Birch Ornament

I try to make an ornament or two every year to add to our tree, but since I’ve been a total grinch this holiday season  when it came to decorating(we’re lucky the tree made it up…nothing else did), I hadn’t planned on anything.  After a pretty spectacular fail on the sewing front today – Christmas outfits for the girls are NOT happening, apparently – I decided I should at least make an attempt at an ornament.  I don’t want to be a total failure, yall.

I found some birch slices that I picked up a few months ago (totally obsessed with all things birch, you guys) and settled on a super-simple plan: our family initial.  It doesn’t get much easier than one letter.

I didn’t want to cover up much of the natural beauty of the birch wood, so I dug out some black ink and a letter stamp and applied it directly to the wood.

birch ornament 4

I thought about drilling an eye hook into the top of the slice but was too lazy to go find the drill (grinch, remember?), so I substitued hot glue and twine.

birch ornament 1

It took me all of five minutes and I really like it.  Birch wood is pretty much fail-proof in my eyes, though.  If only I could have motivated myself to make a few more…

Birch ornament

I actually have another ornament I’d like to make with the girls tomorrow, so maybe this years ornament additions won’t be a total bust.  Fingers crossed.



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