February Goals Update

Poor, neglected blog.  I know I’ve said this before, but I really am trying to push myself into a schedule that will allow time for more of the things I enjoy doing.  You know, like blogging.

February is long gone, and March is flying by, so here’s a quick update on how I did on my goals last month.

Let’s start with the successes, shall we?

I’m killing it on the reading front, although I haven’t read anything too spectacular lately.  By far my favorite reads were the concluding books in the Sarah, Plain and Tall series. I’d never read them before and the girls and I both enjoyed them immensely.  I was completely undone by the final book, Grandfather’s Dance, and was crying so hard during the last chapter that I really thought I would have to let Susannah take over for me.  I think I freaked the girls out a little, too. They’ll understand someday.  Right?

I sewed Madeline an Easter dress, so I met my sewing goal, although with March almost over I better GET IT or I’m doomed this month.  No photo yet, but I’ll be sure to snap one on Easter Sunday when she wears it.  I’ve kept up pretty well with my faith journal, but the Documented Life Project pretty much fell by the wayside in February.  I was gone for several weekends, and just haven’t been able to catch up.  Honestly, I’m a little lost by a lot of the weekly prompts, so I’m going to try branch off on my own using my Pinterest boards and Instagram for inspiration.

I sent at least one letter in February but have completely failed on keeping in better touch through phone.  I really want to communicate more often with my siblings and mom, but the time difference really hinders me a lot of times.  I’m working on a solution but so far it just hasn’t happened.

The color run I signed us up for was unexpectedly moved to just a few weeks away so we’re taking the girls out for evening jogs to try to prepare ourselves  a little.  Nice of them to not only change location but to move it up FIVE MONTHS with just a few weeks notice.  Way to let us train, peoples.

….And now for the fails.

I haven’t touched Project Life at all this year, and with 2015 being almost 1/4 over, I’m not seeing a lot of hope for this one.  Maybe.  Likewise with the girls art journals.  It’s been so crazy around here that we’re lucky to get the serious stuff done, but I’m hoping to carve out a normal time for art soon.

Sadly, our Scripture memorization has been limited to Sunday school verses, but I do hope to start tackling more with the girls soon.  How do people fit everything into a day?!

So I’m mostly on track, with a few fails to try to fix. How are your goals coming along this year? Read any fab books lately?  Am I the only one who feels like Easter is really early this year?


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  1. I am not doing so well on mu goals right now. My weight loss goals are going well but that’s about it. I am not going to beat myself up over it however.

    Hang in there!

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