Freezer Cooking Wrap-up

I had planned on posting several more freezer-friendly recipes that we tried during our experimental month, but I’ve been getting ready for Susannah’s cupcake/baking themed party next week, and time has become a much-valued commodity.

We tried lots of other things, including a chicken, broccoli, cheese, and rice casserole, homemade pizza pockets, southwest rollups, some really yummy corn bread (that freezes amazingly!), and an easily freezable version of lasagna. They were all good and most were received well by all members of the family, which is a pretty big deal at our house. ūüėČ

So, here are my final thoughts on freezer cooking:

  • I found that cooking this way makes my food stretch much, much farther. ¬†Because I was dividing most of the meals into two (or more) ¬†smaller dishes/packages, we wasted much less and had almost no leftovers that had to be thrown out. ¬†
  • Because I did a giant shopping trip at the beginning of the month, my weekly shopping trips were really easy – basically all I needed was produce, milk, and eggs maybe eggs. ¬†No more hair-pulling weekly shopping trips with the kids. ¬†This was a definite HUGE plus in my mind.
  • Lastly, and this is probably stating the obvious, freezer cooking was a huge time-saver for me. ¬†Because I was preparing several meals in the amount of time it normally took to make one, I had plenty of quick dinners/lunches to pull out and thaw.

The only problem I’ve had with is simply remember to set aside and hour each week to focus on keeping the freezer well-stocked.

Overall, I really enjoyed myself, and definitely consider the freezer cooking experiment a great success.

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    1. No, I don’t, but if you click the freezer cooking category at the bottom of this post it should bring up the recipes I’ve posted. There are only a few, unfortunately. I may try to post the rest of those I tried last month at a later date.
      And it really does make shopping soo much easier – at least after that first big trip!

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