Friday Finds: Give me all the Converse

I’ve always been a creature of habit. Pretty much from ages 10-20 I wore one kind of shoes: Keds. White Keds, black Keds, knock-off Keds.  Now that I’m well into my (much wiser) 30’s I’ve found a new obsession: Converse. I even got Jerm to wear them for a while ,which he thoroughly hated, calling them the most uncomfortable shoes he’s ever worn. (I disagree, but whatevs.) Even so, he looked pretty cool for the year he had them. 🙂

I had just purchased a new black pair after having completely worn through my previous ones when I saw that I could buy them in PINK for just $35 shipped through Brad’s Deals (it was actually a Nike promo, but I saw them in a Brad’s Deals advertisement). Since that’s close to half off and shipping was free I couldn’t resist. So now I can switch off and pretty much wear nothing but Converse for the rest of my life. 😉 And look how cute the pink is!

Do you have a favorite brand of shoe? Any other Converse lovers out there? Let’s be friends. Cause despite what Jerm thinks, they’re the best.


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