Friday Finds: Secondhand Goodness

Funny thing, how months can pass by so quickly. Right? I feel a little sheepish cause I keep saying that I’m going to get back to a regular blogging schedule and then I drop off the face of the earth again. (Plus I just like the word sheepish so I wanted to use it.)

Anyway, I truly AM going to attempt (key word, peoples) to get back to blogging more than once every few months. I’m trying to set myself some clear parameters so maybe I won’t feel so overwhelmed with it all the time and consequently not do anything at all. Cause not writing makes me sad.

I thought I’d try something new where I share a few fun items each week. I love to shop (unless it’s grocery shopping – BLECH!) and I always enjoy seeing the treasures other bloggers find so I figured it might be fun to try around here.

I’ve recently started doing a little more frequent secondhand shopping, which I’ve always enjoyed but rarely took the time to do until the last few months. Part of the problem was that I hadn’t found any shops that I cared much for and part of the problem was time/how far away they all seemed to be. I recently discovered a little shop that’s only a few miles from my house that I just adore – they always have interesting stuff, they keep the shop clean (kind of important – right?), and their prices are super reasonable. I’ve found loads of books, name-brand clothing for the girls (and even some items for myself, which I’ve desperately needed), and household items there.

On my latest trip everything in the store was half-off (even furniture!) and I found this gorgeous quilt for under $5. It was dirty when I found it, but a good, hot wash took care of that and although there are a few super tiny spots on the back that didn’t come out they’re barely noticeable. I don’t understand why anyone would throw out a handmade quilt. Don’t they know how much work goes into those things?! I’m totally going to assume a sweet little granny made this one and think kind thoughts about her when I use it.

Mad loves it…she’s always trying to slink off to her room with it.

That same day I also found a frame that will fit a baby photo of Susannah’s that I’ve been unable to hang for…9 years now. The photo is a really weird size, 10×20, and I’ve looked just about everywhere for a frame that will fit it without any luck. Having one custom made was way too expensive so I was pretty happy when I found this sucker the other day. I’ve learned to carry a little measuring tape around in my purse because they come in handy more often than you might expect. Speaking of which, I’ve since lost mine and need to remember to pick one up. It’s probably for sale at the thrift store because I think I left it there. 😀

Anyway, I took out the super ugly painting that was inside of the frame and although the fit wasn’t perfect, it was close enough to work. I duct taped the whole thing back together on the back, but who’ll ever see it?


Have you found anything good a secondhand shop lately? Tell me in the comments – I’d love to hear about your bargains!

4 thoughts on “Friday Finds: Secondhand Goodness”

  1. eeeck! I love second hand items. Good deals are my weakness and I need to get back at it!

    Score for you, way to go girl!

  2. That quilt IS beautiful! It reminds me of the one mom used to have….that grandma Sweeny made? Maybe?

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