Friday Five

It’s sad that it’s been so long that I’m actually rusty at writing, right? Wow, awkward sentence. But anyway, thought I’d crank out a Friday Five to share what’s been happening around here lately. We’re still digging the year-round school schedule so we’re just now heaiding into new grades, which brings us to…

#1 – 2015-2016 School Year   Susannah’s going into 3rd grade and is very nervous about learning multiplication and very excited about art and piano. 😉 Madeline is starting 2nd and is excited about nothing. Ooooh well, sister.

IMG_3862edit IMG_3865edit


#2 – Rosie turned 1 and the girls insisted on celebrating with a party. They planned everything, did all the decorations (the streamer cat was awesome and they spent an entire afternoon making confetti by shredding paper into tiny pieces), picked out the gifts, made the cupcakes, etc.  It was pretty much the party of the year. 😉 Rosie didn’t quite know what to make of all the attention, though.

IMG_3839 IMG_3841   IMG_3878   IMG_3846 IMG_3844

#3 – We’ve seen a couple of really big snakes lately. I think they’re kind of cool. You know, as long as I don’t have to touch them. Madeline obviously thinks they’re ADORABLE. (I don’t know, you guys. She doesn’t get it from me.)

#4 – Susannah and I have been doing some sewing together. She’s been dying to learn and is almost finished with her first project (an apron featuring Olaf). I’ll be sure to take a photo when it’s complete. She’s always so excited to learn new things, I hope she’s never loses her enthusiasm.

#5 – Jerm’s uncle Rob and aunt Flo visited from Denver last week, which was pretty awesome. They’re super fun and everyone loved getting to visit with them. I’m lame so I didn’t get a single photo, though. Bad me.

Hopefully I can get back to posting regularly because this whole rusty thing isn’t fun. 😉





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  1. How did I not know that Susannah was older than Harley and that Madeline was the same age? Weird, anyways glad your back to posting. I love it! Snakes,,,, not so much!

    1 and half months till our visit! Can’t wait.

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