Friday Five: the Homeschool Shenanigans Edtition

Well, wouldn’t you know it, despite all my good intentions, another three weeks has sped by without a single word posted. I’m sure by this point no one even checks anymore, but for those loyal few who do, here are a few things we’ve been up to in the great homeschooling adventure lately.

  • First up, I’m just going to admit that last year totally overwhelmed me and I spent the last half of the year pretty much in panic mode until I finally had to cut back on anything but the bare basics. Piano, projects, art – they all had to stop for a few months while I searched for my sanity. Thankfully I seem to be a little more in control of our schedule this year (so far) and we’ve been able to get back into the fun stuff a bit. (Although, let’s be honest, teaching piano will never be a fun thing for me. Ever.) I even added in a few new goals, like teaching cooking and sewing on a semi-regular basis and the girls are loving it. Here’s Susannah’s first creation. Behold, the monster cookie:  IMG_3961 edit IMG_3962edit They were cute and fun and bright and colorful, just like her.


  • I saw a similar cake on Pinterest a while back and Mad and I had fun re-creating it. This kid loves anything that roars. She’s SO LOUD. Don’t let the innocent face deceive you. She’s an instigator, always ruffling everyone’s feathers. I don’t know where she gets that from. 😉 IMG_4034 IMG_4048


  • A couple of history related projects:We learned the difference between fools gold and the real thing and experimented a little by testing it’s malleability. IMG_4044 IMG_4045  We also attempted to dig for gold without collapsing our flour mines on top of the poor Incan slaves (imaginary, of course, although Madeline wanted to put her Prince Hans figurine in there…!!!). IMG_3918 IMG_3920


  • We took the girls to a musical production of Fancy Nancy and let them dress as fancy as they pleased. As you can see, they aren’t girly at all. It was a lot of fun and Susannah made sure to meet and get everyones signatures, but Mad said it was too embarrassing. She’s the least shy, least embarrassed kid I’ve ever met, so I have no idea what that was about. IMG_3981edit IMG_4001edit IMG_3994 Susannah’s favorite, surprisingly, was Bree. IMG_4002edit


  • And finally, a question. What are some good field trips to take kids on? I really want to plan some out so they actually happen this year and we have just about anything you can dream up somewhere in the the DFW area. Suggestions, please!


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  1. Love the updates as usual! They make me smile. Loved the cookies, how cute! and that cake,,,,, such a smash… LOL

    We are gearing up for our big Texas adventure. Can’t believe it’s almost time. I got a new job and told them my first week I would need a day off. LOL too funny!

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