Glimpses of our Valentines Day

V-day treats for the littles to share with their friends

Handmade valentines for the cousins (which are still not in the mail. My bad.)

Outtakes from our mini V-day photo shoot. Because who could resist this face?

We had the world’s most delicious blondies, ever.
Although I should probably mention that they’re the only blondies I’ve ever tried.
But still.

Jeremy’s valentine. Totally stole this idea off of Pinterest.

Our V-day dinner. Jeremy and I will (eventually) go out so I made something I knew the kids would love.
Stuffed French toast.
It was killer.

For grammie and poppie (also not mailed yet). I’m just lame like that.

I forgot to take a photo of the lollipop butterfly valentines I made for the girls, but they loved them.

A good day.

2 thoughts on “Glimpses of our Valentines Day”

  1. ok, now i feel SUPERlame.
    like i didn’t already feel LAME enough for not doing anything.
    you had to post pictures of all the adorably fun stuff you made?
    i love jeremy’s valentine.
    it’s too funny.

  2. You are one amazing lady. How do you get all this done in a day! Anyway I wish I was your kid cause I would be the fattiest lil one on the whole block! Love ya!

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