Goals for 2015

Yes, I realize that we’re already midway through February and the traditional goal-setting time period is pretty much a distant memory, but it is what it is.  I’ve honestly been attempting to get my list posted for weeks now and it just hasn’t happened. Is anyone else as shocked by the appearance of Valentines Day already as I am? I mean, seriously, yesterday was CHRISTMAS. Am I right? When I think about  all that’s happened in 2015 so far, though, I don’t feel quite as pathetic about the lateness of my goal-setting.  Starting even before the new year began our family was hit hard with sickness and it lasted for most of January.  We all had it and even just managing school through it felt pretty heroic to me, so it’s not surprising that I didn’t get much else done.  Then we were unexpectedly in Colorado for a week and I just got back from a long weekend trip to Atlanta. I’m ready for things to slow down a little and find a solid routine again.

Okay, that was a lot of explaining. Here are the goals I’ve set for myself for 2015.

My word for the year is encourage.  I want to be an encourager to those around me. I want to encourage certain things in my life and also in my daughters, so many of my goals focus on this.

  • I want to be an encouragement to people doing missions.  My goal is to pick one or two missionaries a month and focus on praying, writing, and learning more about them. This will be incorporated into our school week as part of our religious studies. Also regarding religious studies, I’d like to try a new Scripture memorization method with the girls to help us learn larger passages at a time.
  • I want to encourage reading – both in my own life and in my girls.  My goals are to read 50 books this year, picking at least 15 from my to-read shelf and 10 e-books.  My shelves are literally overflowing and it’ll be nice to actually get to some of those that have been on my list to read for ages.  As a separate goal, I plan to go through one of my craft books each month, trying some of the techniques to determine if I want to keep it or pass it along. I’m also sticking with my goal to read at least 12 books aloud to the girls, which should be easily doable.  I failed miserably last year because we do so much reading in school that I just didn’t take the time for fun reading. I think it’s important, though, so I’m doing my best to make time for it again.
  • To encourage personal creativity, I want to complete one sewing project each month, document each month in my Project Life album (another failure from last year), and keep up with my two art journals (Documented Faith and the Documented Life Project). I’m also determined to learn how to operate the serger Jeremys grandma gave me. For the girls, I would like to re-instate art as a weekly venture (this completely stopped during the holidays last year) and actually make some progress in piano lessons. (Why can I never remember to have them practice?!)
  • I want to encourage my friendships by keeping in touch better, whether via email, snail mail, or phone calls. The goal is to schedule semi-regular times to call my family and send mail to at least one person a month (more if possible).
  • My health goals are to run a 5K and learn some basic yoga. Susannah has been bugging me to try again ever since our October attempt, so I think it’ll be a good workout for both of us.
  • My travel goals (stop rolling your eyes, Jerm!) are to visit Amber, take a trip for our 10-year anniversary in December, and of course spend time with my grandma.
  • Finally, I have a few projects around the house that I’d like to accomplish, like actually decorating my bedroom (I know, this is on my list every year!), re-painting the bathroom walls and cabinets, and making a slipcover for my couch.

I have a few other personal goals that I’m not sharing here, but I’m hoping to update monthly with progress reports. Since January is already over I’ll try to post my first update in the next few days.

Do you set goals?  Want to share any of yours for 2015? I love hearing what people want to accomplish! I love welcoming a new year with all of the exciting possibilities it holds. Yay for goals!


2 thoughts on “Goals for 2015”

  1. I am freaking out a little bit that I have made the last to posts! In fact, I am so excited that we are already planning our next adventure. I talked it over with Jared and he said to GO FOR IT!

    My goals, are….
    1.) focus on my weight and get some of it off. Feel better and look better,
    2.) Spend more one on one time with Harley. She and I are not as close as I would like. So I am planning a list of date nights for her and I.
    3.) Try to do more outside the home. I feel like my house is finished inside and it’s time to direct some of that attention to the yard and flowerbeds. This year is going to be a hot one, so I hope to not hid inside with the A/C!
    4.) Contact my sister more and try to spend more time with her. We already have a trip planned to the Biltmore house with Mom, Mamaw, Jade and myself.
    5.) Read my bible daily. With the app that you showed me, I feel that I can do this.
    6.) Pray more!
    7.) Be more crafty. I hope that this will also go hand in hand with the outside goals for my home.
    8.) Take more photos of my babies.
    9.) Be more uplifting / encouraging my husband more, in his studies, work and family life.
    10.) PAY OFF MY LAST CREDIT CARD. This is so close to being done!

    I am going to print this and work on my goals along side of you! Love ya!

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