Hello World, Remember Me?

My blog has been a little quiet lately. A lot quiet, actually. To be honest, I’ve been seriously considering deleting the whole thing for about a year and half now. I kept asking myself what I was trying to accomplish with it and WHY I was still writing. See, it started out as a way to keep in touch with all my far-away friends and family, and was a sort of family journal. Then it was all about the crafts and projects I was trying out and eventually I even started writing sponsored posts, which was sometimes fun and sometimes…not. So I’ve just kind of floundered this year, trying to decide what exactly I wanted to DO with this blog or if I even wanted to do anything at all. I cut way back on my posting (like, I could count the number of posts in 2015 on two hands…if I was the 6-fingered man and had five hands), sticking mainly to the occasional update on what the kids were up to in school and a few book reviews and goal updates. I didn’t participate in the October daily blogging challenge for the first time in years and it was both sad for me and also very freeing. Why did I feel like I needed to do that every year anyway?

So I’ve decided that I do want to keep writing. But I don’t want to pick a category to blog in. Maybe I’ll share a craft or recipe that I’m enjoying. Maybe I’ll post a ton of photos of my kids. I’ll probably write about the books I’m enjoying or hating. I might lose all my readers (if I haven’t already, because seriously, it’s been boring around here). But that’s okay, because I want to write what I’m interested in and not worry about the rest. I want to write for me and I’m cool if I’m the only one who reads it. (Except, let’s be real, if you’re related to me I’ll probably expect you to read it, too, and throat-punch you if you don’t.)

I refuse to box myself into committing to a certain number of postings, but I will definitely TRY to be more consistent and post at least weekly. I’m excited to share some new things I’m trying and discovering and I’m happy to be writing again. I’ll probably be back in a few days with a recap of my 2015 goals and a fresh new list for 2016, because goal-setting and goal-achieving makes me happy.

If you’re still here reading after all this time, I’m happy to have you here, too.


6 thoughts on “Hello World, Remember Me?”

  1. I still read and I always comment. Love you blog and always will! Goal setting is great in all, but I seem to fail more often then not. I need to get back on track with alot of things in my life. So here’s to 2016! Let’s rock this year.

    Amber S.

    1. Yes, you do, and I love you for it (even more). Can’t wait to see you very very soon. 🙂

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