January Goal Update

Since I’m the lamest person in the world and just managed to post my yearly goals yesterday, it’s already time to update for January. Here goes:

  • Reading – I’m on track so far with my personal reading goal.  I just finished Wild by Cheryl Strayed yesterday, a book I’ve tried to read for several years now and just never finished.  I was drawn to it because she hiked the Pacific Crest Trail and I remember thinking I wanted to hike it myself waaaaay back when my dad described it when we were living in Oregon.  After reading her descriptions I’m pretty sure I would have died if I’d tried. She was one messed-up lady, but the story of the actual hike was fascinating. I’m almost finished with a parenting book that I plan to post a review on, so be on the lookout for that. I’m technically not behind with the girls reading either, but we started two books in January and haven’t quite finished either yet. And total fail on the craft book review, but I’m cutting myself some slack since we were gone for part of the month (and sick for the rest).
  • Creativity – I did sew some little zip pouches as gifts in January, so I’m good on the sewing front.  I haven’t done anything in my Project LIfe albums since this time last year so I really need to get to work to catch up. My plan is to work on the current month and try to do a little extra as well to catch up all the missing months. I’m keeping up in my Documented Faith journal but have fallen several weeks behind in my Documented Life Project.  I’ll try to catch up but since it’s a weekly challenge I may just have to let those lost weeks go undone.
  • I’m not doing great at the keeping in touch thing, but I did mail at least one letter in both January and February and I’m working on setting some time aside to call my siblings/parents more regularly.
  • To get myself on track for a 5K, I signed up for a color run in September.  I decided to take the girls with me and Jerm signed up, too, so now we just have to start getting ready for it.  I’ve trained for them several times before so it shouldn’t be that difficult to get back into it.
  • Visiting with Amber has been on my list for several years and I finally got to go see the girl this last weekend.  It was a blast and I enjoyed every second with her.
  • Finally, I’m actually making a tiny bit of progress on our bedroom.  I found (and bought) a comforter set I like and now I just need to start piecing things together until I like it.

So that’s my update so far.  How are your goals coming along?


One thought on “January Goal Update”

  1. Still a work in progress. I am seeing some change in my weight (YAY!!!), working my attitude and time with Harley. Reading my Bible more, but still not daily. I am praying more. Still trying to be more encouraging to Jared.

    Looks like we aren’t doing to bad!

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