July/August Goals Update

You guys, no joke, September has flown by faster than any other month of my life. I keep thinking it’s still August, but next week we’ll be into October. OCTOBER. (I blame the still-high-90’s weather.)

Annnyway…accountability really seems to keep me motivated so here’s the latest update of my yearly goals.

Creativity Goals:

  • Complete one sewing project each month – I made two small zip pouches in July and put together my first quilt in years in August (it’s all done except the binding). Done!
  • Document each month in my Project Life album – Total fail. I haven’t done this even once this year.
  • Made weekly entries in my Documented Faith journal – I got a little behind on this over the summer, but I’ve been steadily working on it and I’m within a week of being caught up now. Done!
  • I’ve also still been working in my art journal every now and then although I gave up trying to follow the weekly Documented Life Project prompts. Sometimes things just don’t end up being what we think they’ll be, right? So even though that wasn’t a good fit for me, I’ve still been experimenting and having fun trying new things so I’m not going to call this one a total fail.
  • The girls art and piano lessons are just now starting back up after taking the summer off so there’s not much new to report on that. Done!
  • The serger is actually unpacked and has it’s own place now. I’ve spent a bit of time recently trying to rearrange and purge my craft nook so hopefully now that it’s out and in my face all the time I’ll get the courage up to try to thread it and see what it can do. Progress.

Personal Goals:

  • Keeping in touch with friends via email/phone/etc. – I’ve done better about this for sure this year, but I still have a ways to go. I actually managed to corner my sister into a regular weekly call time recently, so I’m going to call this a success. Done!
  • This next one is such a bummer to me, but through no fault of our own our 5K isn’t going to happen this year. I signed up way back in January for the Color Fun Fest run and they’ve now rescheduled it three times, changed the venue, and refused to refund us our money after we got fed up with the changes. It’s a very sore subject with me, so I just wanted to warn anyone out there that may be thinking about signing up with them – don’t! Definitely find another color run to participate in, as this seems to be a common issue with this particular organization. Blech. Fail.
  • I’ve completed all of my travel goals this year except for our anniversary trip, which will happen in December/January. I explored Austin in July and visited grandma for a week in August, which was super fun and awesome (always – I have the best grandma ever). Done!
  • Working on the master bedroom – I’ve made a tiny bit of progress here, but still have a lot to do. Still, the fact that I’ve even made any attempt is better than what I’ve done in the last…you know, ten years. Done-ish.

Reading Goals:

  • Read 50 books in 2015 – Honestly, I’ve already read waaay more than 50 books this year. A bunch of them have been really lame (why is it hard to find good books?) but even counting just the ones I’ve at least semi-enjoyed I’m on track. Unfortunately another part of that goal was to read at least 12 of the books on my own to-be-read shelf, and I haven’t done quite as well with that goal. Maybe when I finish my current stack from the library I’ll force myself to only read my own books for the rest of the year… (Good luck to myself on that one.)  IMG_3928 51H8x07Fd7L

A couple I’ve read recently are The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo, which I’ve heard zillions of people rave about in the past few months. I usually enjoy decluttering books and this one was pretty good, although I don’t really understand what all the fuss is about and some of it was just plain weird. Thanking your socks for doing a good job? Um, okay…            The idea of only keeping items that truly bring you joy is a good one, but not really new, although I did like her instruction to physically pick up each item before deciding whether to keep or toss it. All in all, I would recommend it, but not rave about it or anything.

Go Ahead and Like It by Jacqueline Suskin is a book I received from Blogging for Books to review a few months ago and have been kind of putting it off because the book is just so strange. From the description I thought it would be a book about list-making (which, hello, I’m a total sucker for), but it ended up being mostly a weird compilation of the authors own lists of likes without much else included. She did have a few suggestions, like using your time in traffic to make a list of likes, but mainly it was just really odd photos and lists that kind of grossed me out, including things like bruises and disorders. What can you even say to that? Definitely would not recommend this book unless you like to collect very odd, pointless books.

  • Read 12 books aloud to the girls: I think we’re one book behind on this goal, but we’re almost through with Treasure Island and have really been enjoying reading together lately. I’m fairly confident that we’ll catch up by the end of the year. Progress.

I think that about covers it. I’m feeling highly motivated right now so hopefully I’ll push through some of these final goals by the end of the year. How are your goals coming along? I’d love to hear!




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  1. Goals, What is that? I have learned to stop making them. My life was a constant failure. Now I am a winner all the time!

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