Madeline’s Frozen Party


Despite my best efforts I wasn’t able to change Madeline’s mind about having a Frozen party. I’m not gonna lie, I’m pretty much dreading the sequel.  But my Frozen rant is for another day; here’s the few photos I managed to get from her party.  It’s always, ALWAYS gloomy and rainy the day of Mad’s party, so the pictures aren’t great, but the kids had fun anyway.

My first choice for decor wouldn’t have been a poster, but Mad has been dyyyyying for one so I decided to use it at the party and then let her hang it in her room after.

Frozen Party

Probably the ugliest cake ever, but I thought the “ice” turned out kind of cool. Frozen Cake

Dessert table. Frozen Party 1

Favors for the kids to take home.  My girls were super excited about these because they adooooore marshmallows.  Little weirdos.   Frozen Party 2

More favors for the kids: Elsa crowns and Sven antlers for poor Billy, who’s always the lone boy. Frozen Party 3

I couldn’t find matching forks so I jazzed up boring white ones with stick-on gems. Frozen Party 6

My favorite line from any of the Frozen songs. I think Anna is too cute. frozen party 4

The little Elsa queen, herself, with a very Texan no-shoes concession. I even did Elsas coronation haristyle, and anyone who knows me probably realizes how huge that is for me.  I’m really hair-challenged, but I though her style was adorable. Frozen Party 5

The hair didn’t make it very long, though, thanks to a lot of trampoline jumping. Frozen Partry 9

The smallest Elsa of them all. Frozen Party 7

Sven. Frozen Party 8

Sadly, I didn’t get a group photo during the party, but here’s one from the next morning before the cousins headed home.  We were so happy to have them for a few days.  Girls

How is she already six?!  IMG_3126

Yes, this is more like it.  This kid has developed a really loud, obnoxious, hilarious personality, and I love her so much. Madeline is 6




4 thoughts on “Madeline’s Frozen Party”

  1. True, true! Ok we are friends again! I can’t wait for the squeal. Maybe I should plan my trip where we can all go see it together! You need to just LET IT GO! LOL and then stuff some chocolate in your face.

    1. Honestly, I liked the movie just fine and I thought Anna was too cute. I’m just tired of the frenzy.

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