Make your own dishwasher detergent tabs (and deodorizing disks)


My month of spring cleaning is officially over, although I didn’t get to a couple of items that really need it (ahem….wretched oven), so I’ll still tackling a few more tasks in the next couple of weeks.
Overall, I feel the month was moderately successful. I always hope to get more done, and then life gets in the way, so I suppose I’ll just have to accept that I’ll never get everything on my list accomplished. Just to make myself happy (because lists always make me happy), here’s what I did manage to get done:

Still on the list:

  • Clean oven (grrrrr….)
  • Clean out refrigerator
  • Organize craft nook (it’s a disaster area)

So anyways, enough of that.  I’ve wanted to make my own dishwasher tabs ever since I started making laundry detergent, and I finally got around to it this past week.

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My main concern was that I’ve never had much luck with powdered dishwasher detergent, it just doesn’t seem to clean as well as the gel tabs, but so far these bad boys seem to be doing okay.  I’ve only run about three loads though, so I’ll just have to wait and see if they continue working long-term.

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May 2013 021

  • 2 cups washing soda
  • 2 cups borax
  • 1/2 cup epsom salt
  • 1/2 cup vinegar
  • 15 drops essential oil

Mix everything together.  It’ll start clumping right away.  Press into ice-cube trays.  Let dry for 24-48 hours.

May 2013 015

May 2013 017

May 2013 033

Store in a dry place.

To use, add 1 tab and a small squirt of Dawn to each load of dirty dishes.

May 2013 036  So far my dishes have all come out clean and sparkling!

I also made some deodorizing disks for my trash can.  One of the worst things about the Texas summers is how stinky the trash gets and I’m constantly dumping baking soda into the bottom of the can.  Hopefully these disks will help keep the bad odors down.

(idea found here)

May 2013 002

  • 2 cups baking soda
  • 1-2 cup distilled water (I just boiled tap water for about 10 minutes)
  • Silicone mold (or muffin tin or ice-cube tray)
  • Essential oil of your choice (I used peppermint)

Add 4-5 drops of essential oil to 1/2 cup of water.  Mix the water into the baking soda, and continue to add water until it forms a thick paste.  It only took about 1 cup for me.   May 2013 007

May 2013 009

Divide the paste into the silicone mold and let dry for 24-48 hours.

May 2013 011 When they’re totally dry, pop out of mold and dump in the bottom of your trashcan.  They’re supposed to last about 30 days.  Here’s hoping.

May 2013 024

This week has been wild.  I’m a few days behind on my last task for Project Simplify, but I should (fingers crossed) have it finished by this afternoon.

I’m excited to get it done and move on to this month’s projects – skirts!         I desperately need some skirts and I’m going to try my hand and making at least one a week during the month of May.  I hope to share my first one next week, so be sure come back for it! 🙂

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9 thoughts on “Make your own dishwasher detergent tabs (and deodorizing disks)”

  1. I am interested to know how dish tabs turn out. I have made the powdered dish soap before but after a few weeks my dishes were not very sparkly anymore.

  2. Thanks for the tips !
    the same happens to me, some dishes come out dirty if I use the Eco cicle of the dishwasher. . . should try these tabs.
    Found you at the Flamingo Toes Link Party !


    1. No, but be sure to use a very small amount. Just a few drops or it will make a mess!

  3. I make these and love the. I fill my cubes tray half full and pack it good and put a few small drops of Gain dish soup in the middle and pack more till full. the cubes are to big for my dish washer so I either just throw it in or break them till they fit

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