March/April Goals Update

I realized now that we’re a third of the way through the year I should re-evaluate my goals and see what I need to work on. So here goes.

I’m mostly on track with my reading goals. My goal is 4-5 books per month, including one from my to-read shelf and one e-book, and so far I’m only about a book behind. The girls and I are still reading a monthly book together, which is all I can manage in addition to all the reading we do in school. I finally started going through my craft books and picked one to work on for the month, but since it’s the first one of the year this goal is pretty much a fail so far.

I didn’t end up sewing anything in March, but did make Susannah a little dress in April.  Easter Dresses

I haven’t touched my Project Life album all year, although I still have hopes of getting around to doing it eventually. I’ve got to find a system that works for me, because I haven’t organized my photos since I got married almost 10 years ago. I don’t know why, exactly, because I used to love making albums.
The girls and I have been working on art projects off an on, but not as regularly as I want, so I need to make that more of a priority. Piano lessons are going a little better and I’m (mostly) remembering to have the girls practice.
I’ve kept up with my Documented Faith art journal, but completely gave up the Documented Life journal. It was too hard to keep up with both of them every week and I wasn’t interested in the prompts.

Our 5K was rescheduled for October and I haven’t started any yoga yet (much to Susannah’s chagrin), but hope to this week. Jerm is working on the last bathroom floor and I’ll be re-painting before we put everything back in, which means I’ll be totally done with all the re-painting. At least until we get the house ready to rent and I have to convert everything back to white.  We’re going to be so happy to have all the floor stuff done for good.

I think that pretty much covers it. How are your yearly goals coming along? Are there any that you’ve given up? Which ones are you enjoying?

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