May/June Goals Update

Wow, peoples, it’s July. May and June were all kinds of weird and crazy, with huge chunks of time spent at the hospital. (We’ve learned that hospital waiting rooms are a strange time warp where you can lose hours and days at a time without even realizing it.) Luckily, I had scheduled June off from school already, so I had a little bit more time to catch up on all the stuff I was behind on.

I’m doing well on my reading goals, am a little ahead even. I’m one book behind with the girls read-alouds, but I think we’ll catch up pretty quickly. We just started Daddy Long Legs, one of my old favorites. Susannah’s been reading everything she can get her hands on lately (remind you of anyone, mom?) and she’s already blazed through several of the books I had picked out to read together so I’m looking for suggestions for good read-alouds. (Not Beverly Cleary, though. I’m not a fan.) Here’s the stack I’m currently working on/about to start.


I’m a little behind on my Documented Faith journal, but not by much, and I’m working to catch up on it. I started using my Documented Life journal again, but without the weekly prompts. Instead I’m using it however I want for personal pages. I only sewed a couple of banners for a friend in May, but I’m still counting it since I did use the machine. And June’s project was mermaid tales for the girls at Susannahs party.

Under the Sea Party 24



My biggest accomplishment was finallllly getting the bathroom walls and cabinets repainted, which has been on my to-do list for several years now. Actually, other than a little work left on the trim, our floors are finally finished and we are so happy to be done. Now we can start looking for another house and start all over again. 🙂

Although I haven’t kept up with all of the goals I set for myself, I’m pretty okay with the progress I’ve made the first half of the year. I’ll try to update every few months to keep myself accountable.


One thought on “May/June Goals Update”

  1. Thanks again for the banners, I was tired of them sitting waiting for a photo shoot so I hung them up in my house till go time. They look fabulous and I have had lots of compliments. Thank you for always being so thoughtful.

    The tales look great and so cute! Let me know what you think of that “money saving mom’s budget”. I have been eyeballing that one. We have been in save mode for a few months and anything helps!

    Love ya!

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