On dads

I’ve had dad’s on the mind lately and since Father’s Day is tomorrow I thought I’d write about my two for a little bit.

My dad is pretty awesome.
Growing up, I didn’t always respect him the way I should have.
I rarely understood his point of view.
I was a jerk to him on more than one occasion.
I wish I could take all of that back, but I can’t, and in a weird sort of way, I’m glad.
All of my stupidity in my growing-up years taught me to appreciate his wisdom and instruction.
He’s not a phone guy so I rarely get to talk to him (let’s be real, I’m not much of a phone girl myself), but I love seeing him when I get the chance.
I enjoy sitting and talking to him and am always amazed by how much he knows about the Bible.
He’s one of my heroes and I love him.
Thanksgiving - mom and dad

My other dad I gained through marriage.
He’s awesome, too, and I get how lucky I am to have two great dads in my life.
Having my father-in-law close by made moving away from my family a little easier.
He’s a great listener and he also gives excellent advice.
I love his stories and our Saturday night BBQ’s.
He’s been in the ICU for exactly five weeks now and it’s been really hard coming so close to losing him.
His absence has left a huge hole in our family and we’re all so thankful for his (excruciatingly slow) recovery.
We have hope that he’ll be released to a rehab facility in the next week and back home again soon.
I love him; he’s the best father-in-law/second dad I could ever ask for.

Happy Fathers Day, dads!

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  1. Bek,

    I know Jim from years past and have many memories about him and you family. Your marriage dad, has been in all of our prayers.

    Love you!

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