On Personal Style (or the lack of it)

I thought I’d try something new and share once in a while about an accessory or clothing item that’s caught my eye or I’ve added to my closet or that just makes me happy.

So true story, I’ve never had much of a personal sense of style. Or maybe I have, but it’s always been cringe-worthy to anyone who actually cares about looking good. A typical outfit for me is a pair of jeans, a hoodie, and/or an ancient t-shirt (like, seriously old…I’m talking Plack Road’s anniversary shirt, and while only a few of you will even know what I’m describing, trust me when I say that it’s old, ratty, and wasn’t even attractive when it was new.). Having kids, struggling with my weight, and being a homeschool mom (which means we don’t leave the house most days) has only made my lazy clothing tendencies worse.

However, I’ve realized in the last year or two that it’d be nice to have something other t-shirts to wear once in a while, especially if I’m going out to engage in the real world (but even on occasion when I’m not!), so I’ve started taking tiny baby steps toward improving my wardrobe.

One of the ways I’ve changed the most is in regard to accessorizing.  For most of my life I didn’t own or wear necklaces or bracelets and rarely wore earrings,  but something happened in the last couple of years and now I adore jewelry. I’ve found that even when I wear my t-shirts and jeans I feel better about myself if I add 870 bracelets to the outfit. 😀

That may be a tiny exaggeration, but not by much. Apparently I don’t do anything by halves, because once I jumped down the rabbit hole of accessorizing I did it all the way and am constantly on the lookout for inexpensive items to add to my collection. I’m also a very new fan of gold-toned jewlery, which I never thought would happen as I’ve never liked it before in my life.

So alllllll of that was just to show you some necklaces I found recently, at Wal-mart of all places, that have become my absolute favorites.


These bad boys were under $3 each and there were many, many varieties to choose from. I bought three, because come one, less than $10. Obviously if you don’t like cheap jewelry you wouldn’t care for these, but I love stuff like this because if it breaks or starts to get discolored I have no problem throwing it out. Plus, hello, this proves that good things can come out of Walmart once in a while. 😉


So I’ve accepted that I’ll never be the fashionista that my sister is (thanks for making the difference so glaringly obvious, Ang. You know I love you.), but I guess I’m  pretty okay with that.  I’ll just wear my bird necklace and a bunch of bracelets and call it good. 😉