Pom Tree Kids Review and Giveaway!

Pom Tree Kids Collage

We recently received a huge goodie box from Pom Tree Kids to play around with and, as you can imagine, the girls were completely enthralled with what we found to experiment with: tons of stickers, some adorable foam village kits, a create-your-own-story sticker book,  and several mega crafting kits.

Pom Tree Kids Loot


I actually took a video of the box un-packing to show the level of excitement we reached when we dove into our treasure box, but upon review I discovered that one of my girls (who shall remain nameless) did something a little inappropriate so I had to nix that idea.  😉

It’s been really rainy here lately so we’ve had ample opportunity to play around with our box of products.  Want to know what one of the most awesome things about Pom Tree Kids is?  They have a no glue-no mess guarantee on all of their products!  Seriously, as a mom, this is a huge deal.  I was able to wander in and out and view their progress without being completely paranoid about them gluing each other to the ceiling or something.  All of the components are sticky-backed and/or interlocking so the kids can easily finish their projects by themselves.  You want to know what else is awesome about that?  How proud little kids are when they really and truly complete a project all on their own. They chose to start with a mega kit so I pulled it all out and let their creativity take them in whichever direction they wanted.

Pom Tree Kids projects


They made bookmarks, flowers, adorable bugs and critters, and lots of jewelry.  If you know my girlies at all you understand that plenty of necklaces and bracelets are a must.

Pom Tree necklace and bracelet

After several afternoons of creative free play we settled on making foam stamps together since the hundreds of awesome foam stickers were calling our name (there are also felt and glitter stickers included – how awesome is that?).  The supply list was short and easy:

Pom Tree Kids Supplies

  • Foam stickers (We had over 1000 pieces to choose from!)
  • Coke caps (luckily I have quite a supply of these.  Ahem.)
  • Rolling Pin
  • Blank paper
  • Ink

Susannah had a rolling stamp she bought several months ago that broke so she wanted to make something similar to what she had before.  We took the rolling pin and taped a sheet of paper to it, securing tightly to prevent staining it.

Pom Tree Kids Rolling Pin Stamp

Attach the foam stamps in whichever pattern you wish.

Pom Tree Kids Rolling Pin stamp 2


Finally, ink your stamps and let her roll!  We actually found that the best way to ensure a good coat of ink was to individually press each sticker on to the ink pads instead of trying to roll the entire thing at once.  (Also that the lighter colored inks weren’t too fantastic.)

Rolling Pin Stamp

Rolling Pin Stamp 2


For the small stamps we took several of the same sticker and stuck them on top of each other to create the stamp.

pom Tree Kids stamps 1

October 2013 054


We made our stamps three layers thick, then centered them on the coke caps and they were ready to stamp!

Pom Tree Kids Stamps 3


They spent a good portion of the afternoon stamping everything in sight.  Must. Make. Pretty. Designs.

Pom Tree Kids Stamps


Finally, because Susannah is a very literal person, we made some adorable little pom trees.  This was pretty simple, but did require some adult assistance with the glue gun.  We took some little wooden spools from my stash and painted them brown, then secured mini pinecones to the top with hot glue.  After it was dry we added poms from the mega kits (and a few tiny ones from my stash) to the “branches” to make them bright and cheery.  We love our festive little pom trees!

Pom Tree Kids trees


The creative possibilities of these kits are endless and I’m sure we’ll be spending many more happy afternoons exploring all of the options.  We are especially stoked to try the village kits!

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Pom Tree Kids is giving away TEN PRIZES to some lucky winners, so be sure to enter the Rafflecopter giveaway below for your chance to win!

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