Project Simplify 2012: Week Two (Kitchen)

Week two of SimpleMom‘s Project Simplify.
This week the challenge was to pick a few spots in the kitchen to declutter/clean, and I chose the microwave and fridge since I’ve had them both on my to-clean list for longer than I’d care to admit.

The fridge wasn’t super bad, just needed a few things thrown out that we never use (French dressing, anyone?) and wiped down.
Amazing how many crumbs can accumulate on those shelves, especially since everything is stored in containers.

I did take a before shot but I accidently deleted it.
Just cause I’m special like that.

Here’s the after shot.
Not much in there, except for the beloved carbonation and cheese.
Now that I think of it, that’s probably enough for me to live off of.

The microwave was scary beyond any words.

I filled a big bowl with water, added a few drops of vanilla, and turned the microwave on for about five minutes.
I let it sit for a few additional minutes so the steam could really do its thing, then took a rag and wiped down the sides.

Such a quick and easy way to clean the nasty out.
I’ve used this method several times before but I like the addition of the vanilla because it adds a nice scent. (Idea found here.)

I meant to do my pantry this week also, but didn’t get around to it. I’ve been way too busy enjoying a couple of days of solitude while the fam is away camping.
I miss them, but I almost forgot what it’s like to just hear…silence.

8 thoughts on “Project Simplify 2012: Week Two (Kitchen)”

      1. note to self: do not burn vanilla candles while Bek visits.

        but the idea of adding vanilla for clean, fresh, cupcake-y scent is very nice.

        Glad you enjoyed your quiet days. 🙂 Now you are ready for the next ???? months of noise.

  1. vanilla…whoda thunk?? I tried this tonight after reading this. Very nice. And the whole kitchen smells like I just baked goodies when all I did was clean the gunk out. Thanks!!

  2. my initial thought was, ‘yeah right’ you “accidentally” deleted the ‘before’ picture of the refrigerator because it would make chemical engineers (whose niche is growing mold) queasy…..but then you showed the before picture of the microwave…which made ME queasy….so, anyway…..I believe you about the ‘accident’ now

  3. Great job. I could have been looking in my fridge. So similar in products LOL! GREAT VALUE!

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