Recipe: Green Monster Spinach Smoothie

I’ve been struggling along in my attempt to lose weight for well over a year now, without much success. A typical week sees a little loss, which I usually manage to ruin over the weekend. I have, however, managed to pack on quite a bit of muscle over the past year so I wouldn’t call all of the work a total loss.
I’ve cut my calorie intake back even further this year (and again recently), and my main problem seems to be lunchtime, since I just kind of scavenge for whatever I can find (leftovers, sandwiches, etc).

When I first ran across this Green Monster Smoothie recipe I was reallly skeptical.
I am NOT a spinach fan, at least not the cooked-in-a-pan variety.

But I’m desperate enough to give just about anything a try, and boy am I glad I did.

These smoothies are GOOD!
And very filling.

Each serving has around 20g of protein, and is between 350-390 calories.

Green Monster Smoothie
(recipe found here)

1 banana, sliced and frozen
1 TBSP peanut butter
1/2 cup vanilla yogurt (I couldn’t find the Greek low-fat version used in the original recipe, which is why mine was 390 calories instead of 350)
1 cup milk
2 cups spinach (original called for 4 cups fresh, but I used frozen)

Peel and slice banana, and place in freezer for a few hours.
Add everything to blender and blend until all the chunks are broken up, then liquify until smooth.

Seriously, these taste amazing!
Plus they’re super filling, and slightly sweet, a perfect cure for my lunch-time munchies.

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18 thoughts on “Recipe: Green Monster Spinach Smoothie”

  1. Bek, I have a hard time making Smoothies. Always turns out different than I had planned or hoped for. I may try this! Sounds good and the color is alot of fun!

    1. I know exactly what you mean. I’m not a big fan of smoothies, and seriously didn’t expect to like this, but it really is good! The frozen banana and frozen spinach make it really cold and icy, and all you can taste is the banana, peanut butter, and slightly sweet vanilla (from the yogurt). Try it!

  2. huh.
    i have been failing miserably at my smoothie attempts.
    i’ll have to try this weird-green-icky-looking one though.
    because i DO know where to find low-fat greek vanilla yogurt.

  3. You look smokin’ hot the way you are…. (This text box doesn’t allow transmission of devilish grins.)

  4. Hey, Smokin’, Ang makes these…I have tried them. Pretty stinkin’ good. And if you find ripe bananas at the store for discounted price, you can peel and freeze several at a time. 🙂 Have a Montrously good time losing weight with this!

  5. Oh my. Your Hubby is hitting on you via blog comment. Take it and RUN! oh and just so you know, he’s right!

  6. I love green smoothies, I drink one almost every day. They are very filling and great for breakfast. I also have made a tropical green smoothie were I add pineapple, banana, mango and instead of using almond milk I have used coconut water.
    I am also in the process of trying to loose weight and every Friday I have a Fitness link party at my blog would love for you to stop by this Friday. It is about motivating each other.

  7. I love making green smoothies, I also make them with bananas, pineapple, mango and coconut water. I have a Fitness Friday link party in my blog would love for you to stop by and link up. We can help motivated each other through weight loss journey.

  8. I too have recently started on the green smoothie kick – I shared a few recipes and am trying to create some variety. It makes it more fun to eat healthy when you can play with the recipes! I keep telling everyone, “you can’t even taste the spinach!”

  9. Hi, I just found your blog through Sasse life link party. I have never tried a spinach smoothie but it looks delicious. I have a subpar blender but have loads of fun with spinach with my Breville juicer. I’m trying so hard to lose weight with diet change…I just have to be patient! Good luck and awesome recipe!

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