Road Trippin’ in 2016: Part 1

There’s no logical reason for me to be posting about this now, but I realized I never wrote about our road trip last summer and fully intended to, so I figured now is as good a time as any.  We traveled in late July so it was boiling hot everywhere we went (but let’s be honest, probably not as boiling as it was in Dallas). We were gone for eight days, traveled over 2,000 miles, visited 8 states (although Georgia was mostly an accident), visited with friends and family along the way, and were very sick of the car by the time we made it home.

Day 1: Dallas – Little Rock – Memphis

After waiting around on our rental car for a while (why do they never have the car ready that you’ve reserved?) we hit the road mid-morning and made it to Little Rock around lunchtime. We didn’t have much time to spend in Arkansas, but needed a break from the car so we stopped at the Old Mill to stretch our legs and I’m so glad we did – it was gorgeous! It reminded us of a fairy garden and was full of bridges, secret pathways, blooming plants and frogs (which made Mad happy of course).

We didn’t stop again until we reached Memphis, but because of construction traffic we missed the duck parade at the Peabody Hotel by about thirty seconds (no joke), so we were pretty sad about that. The hotel was still cool to see, though, and we saw some of historic Memphis while we walked to The Arcade for dinner where I tried A Memphis Thang sandwich (turkey, brie, red peppers, Creole mustard – pretty good!) and the floors were literally slick with grease (GROSS!). We walked past the Lorraine Motel and attempted to ride the trolley (it was down for repairs) before deciding to head to our hotel for the night so the girls could swim before bed.

DAY 2:  Memphis – Nashville

We only had to drive about four hours to Nashville so we got there around lunchtime and hit the Parthenon (which was both weird and cool because…why?!) before heading downtown to see the sights. It was extremely crowded and hot so we didn’t spend all that much time there, just walked around a bit, had lunch at Biscuit Love (we wanted to try the bonuts, a biscuit/donut cross) and walked a pedestrian bridge to get a good view of the city. We stopped at an old Confederate cemetery on the way to our hotel in Franklin, which ended up being quite a bit more interesting than the city anyway.

DAY 3: Nashville – Ft Knox – Florence (KY)

We got up super early to make it to church near Ft Knox where my little brother lives and barely squeaked in on time. We didn’t realize we’d crossed the time zone while driving that morning so we missed Sunday school and got to services right as they were starting. Ty and Shannon fed us an amazing lunch at their home and it was so nice to visit with them for a few hours. I’ve barely known him as an adult so it’s pretty cool getting to see him with his cutie wife. We made it to Florence that evening and visited a favorite burger place from my childhood, Big Boy. We finally had a few hours to relax that evening but the girls were devastated to find that the pool in our hotel was out of order. Sadly, I somehow lost most of my photos from that day. 🙁

Stay tuned for part two later this week! Turns out it’s kind of fun looking back over the photos and reminiscing over this trip. 🙂