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One thing that I really started to love in 2015 was supporting small businesses. I’ve been meaning (and meaning…and meaning) to share some of my favorite handmade shops with yall, but I never seemed to quite get around to it, so I decided to start a new series on my blog where I can show off the pretties I’ve been accumulating.

It took me a while to really get into shopping small because honestly, you do pay a little more than you would at a big box store, but I think the quality of the items, the personal touches, and the fact that you’re supporting a real, live person (some of whom share the same interests/beliefs/etc. that we do) more than makes up for it. I’ve met some really sweet ladies while purchasing their items and love knowing that supporting them helps them stay at home with their kids or fulfill a lifelong dream of selling their art or fund an adoption.

I chose Naptime Diaries as my first shop to share with you guys, because I’ve been buying from them for several years and honestly, I just love their work. Their prints and canvases are so pretty and I’ve used their advent devotionals for the last few years and loved them.


I actually won this canvas in a giveaway and I adore it. i always have it on display somewhere in my home.


I need to find a home for this one, obviously, but it’s another favorite print.


These mini prints were part of the advent devotional that i used this past holiday season. They’re amazing quality and I don’t know exactly how I’ll use them now, but trust me, I will find a use for them. 🙂

And my current favorite from their shop right now is this beauty:


Be sure to check out their shop if you’re looking for some scripture-based wall art for your home. And right now you can take 10% off your order by using the code NEWYEAR10 when you checkout!!

I’d love to hear about your favorite local or online handmade business – I’m always on the lookout to find new makers to follow and support.





3 thoughts on “Shop Handmade: Naptime Diaries”

  1. I love shopping locally. Jared’s cousin has a shop in Dillsboro, NC called “Our Place”. It mainly rustic decor and I could live there. At Christmas I probably got 75% of my gifts from there and many items to decorate with. I could go broke shopping there. They do a shop local discount one day in Dec. and give a 10% off of one item.

    Love the things you have!

    1. That’s awesome, Amber! I think I remember you telling me about that store. I haven’t really found many local businesses that I just love, but I’ve found plenty online. 😉 (Remember Bayberry’s [is that what it was called?] in Fairbanks? LOVED that place and it shut down. Boo.)

      1. I think I do. There is another one here, called B&B gifts. It’s more of a novelty shop. Lots of cups and stuff. Love it~

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