Spring Wreath

Spring is definitely here in Dallas.  Forty degrees one day, eighty the next.  I’m okay with it because the alternative is 100, 100, 100, 105, 100…

Plus, spring in Texas is pretty, which is a nice change from the awful muddiness of Alaska.   Spring in Fairbanks is one of the few things I don’t miss about living there.

My winter wreath is looking pretty sad these days.  I guess I’m going to have to do something different next year because I think it’s seen its last season on our front door.  I’m not actually even a huge wreath person, but sadly, my door is still damaged from the time we had to break in after locking ourselves out, so it needs something to distract from the ugly.  (Don’t ask….it’s not a happy story.)

A quick trip to Michael’s and half an hour putting it together and my spring wreath was ready to replace the well-loved specimen on my door.  (I’ve gotten so many compliments from strangers on that wreath that I’m sad to see it go…someone even suggested I sell them at a farmers market or something.  If she only knew how easy and inexpensive it was to put together!)

spring wreath 4


spring wreath 2


I intended to go with more of a green theme, but couldn’t find green hydrangeas that I liked so I went with white instead.  Not quite what i wanted, but I still like it pretty well.

spring wreath 3


P.S. Please ignore the scratches on my door.  I obviously need to break down and re-paint.

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17 thoughts on “Spring Wreath”

  1. I love how this turned out. This is motivating me to make a new spring wreath – mine is getting kind of old. I am actually in the Dallas area, too. I am ready for it to warm up – what is going on with this cool spring weather lately? I hear it will be 80 tomorrow and I am glad!

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  3. Thank you for sharing this beautiful wreath; I too will be heading to Michael’s. Thank you for sharing your links also, I will look into them.

  4. I love your wreath, it’s so beautiful and simple at the same time. Any chance you’d be willing to share tips and secrets of how to attach flowers and bows to the wreath to withstand weather? I’m fairly crafty and know I can do this but I have never done it before and just want to get tips from people that have before I start hot gluing the heck out of my wreath and flowers. Thanks

  5. Hey Rebekah, I just recently purchased my first home and have been looking for finishing touches to make turn it from a house into our “home” and a wreath is one of those items included. I have come across your/this wreath a number of different times now and although I have saved a lotttttt of other ones (for sale) from numerous different sites and sellers, I must say I can’t quite get over or move past this one. I know this is purely a tutorial on how to make this wreath HOWEVER…what are my chances of having you make this wreath FOR me and I will purchase it from you? I simply do not have the time for anything right now as I work full time all day, go to nursing school every night right afterwards and then am closing on our home this week…. HELP!!! I’d love to hear back from you soon. Please let me know!! You are more than welcome to email me or contact me on here although I fear I won’t notice or know when you respond and I will miss it somehow.. Thanks so much. You are very gifted and I absolute am in love with this wreath!!


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