Susannah, the 7-year-old

Susannah birthday poster

Sadly, these are almost two months overdue.  I was out-of-town for longer than I expected and my computer croaked almost the first day I was in Alaska, so I just held off on posting these until now.

Susannah turned 7 at the end of June and we celebrated with an awesome rainbow party (I’ll share photos soon!) the weekend before we left for Alaska.  I think she liked the way that worked out because she got to celebrate her birthday twice this year, once with each side of the family.

Susannah Birthday Poster 2

I can’t believe she’s already so grown up.  In the past year she’s lost two teeth (we don’t speak of those experiences), finished first grade, become an experienced traveller (at least according to her), memorized countless verses and poems (also, every line of Frozen), and in general made us very happy.

She’s a good kid and incredibly fun to spend time with.  I love her.

Susannah 7



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  1. I love the photos! My lil girl will be 7 in January and it’s hard to think of her that old. But God is good!

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