Road Trippin’ in 2016: Part 2

Days 4 and 5: Florence – Cincinnati

So the main reason we were up in Kentucky was to visit the new Ark Encounter in Williamstown, but Jerm wanted to see the Creation Museum while we were up there, too, so we did that on Monday. Yall, I’m not a science-y person at all, but it was still a pretty cool place to wander around. My favorite part was the fossilized dinosaur eggs and the camels you could ride outside (I so wanted to do it, but sent my kids instead). 😀 Jerm could have stayed there all week I think; he thrives on technical, science-y things. And guess who met us there?!

It was so cool to get to meet the rest of Amber’s family and the girls were thrilled to have Harley and Hudson and hang out with for a few days. My in-laws also flew in that night so we had a big, happy group to have dinner and spend the evening with (Red Robin, for old time’s sake). The kids were all very sad about the no pool thing so we took them to a spray park in Cincinnati for the evening and let them be wild hooligans for a few hours. If you check out the photos you can see that they didn’t enjoy that at all.

Tuesday we went to the Ark and it was pretty amazing. Fun fact: it started POURING when we got ready to leave so we were stuck there for a while waiting it out, but seriously, what better place to be during a torrential downpour? 😀

(See that tiny door in the first photo of the ark? That’s the same door the girls are standing next to a few photos down. (!!!!) Not so tiny after all.

Amber and Jared had to head home after we finished the tour; we were sad to see them go, but so grateful for the opportunity to meet up with them for a couple days. Love em.

Day 6: Cincinnati – Chattanooga

We spent Wednesday morning in Cincinnati because I kind of loved it there and had lots more must-see places on my list. Jerm’s parents were still with us for part of the day so we explored Smale Riverfront Park (such a cool park!), walked the Purple People Bridge (I don’t care how dorky it makes me, it was cool to walk over a river and into a different state), and rented a bike to ride along the riverfront. It was hard. I wouldn’t recommend it with all the people we had crammed in that thing. 😀 But definitely an experience to remember. I also had to try Tom +Chee‘s grilled cheese glazed donut sandwich. It was AWESOME. I realize that I sound like a donut addict, but truthfully donuts aren’t even really my thing. Grilled cheese, however, kind of IS. I also sampled the macaroni and cheese grilled sandwich and gave it an A+, too.  What?! Food is an important part of a road trip, yall.

We spent some time in Cincinnati when I was 6 or 7 and I have a very distinct memory of this double-decker bridge.

This was after half of us had disembarked. 🙂

She wasn’t impressed.

After the in-laws headed back to the airport we went to Findlay Market and drove out to an actual castle built by a guy who served in WWI. It was an interesting story. I’m still not sure exactly why he wanted a castle, but hey, cool place to stop and explore.

We spent so much time in Cincinnati that it was pretty late by the time we got to Chattanooga, so we headed straight for our hotel.

Looks like I need to break this up into three parts since this is getting so long. Stay tuned for the final couple of days of our epic road trip! 😉

Ten Things {About Road Trips with Kids}

I meant to post this last week in Amarillo, but we didn’t get there until eleven, so my official excuse goes back to reason #3.

Ten Things about Road Trips/Travelling with Kids

  1. At least one kid will get sick during the course of the trip.  Just plan ahead and keep a barf bucket handy.  You can thank me later. 
  2. No matter how many fun and entertaining things you plan for your kids, they’ll still gripe about being bored for that 3% of downtime you have.
  3. Whoever said vacations are for rest and relaxation obviously didn’t travel with ankle-biters in tow.  Just plan on coming home twice as exhausted as when you left.  At least.
  4. If your child reads, prepare to be asked if every hotel you pass is where you’re going to stop.  Even when you’re still in your hometown.
  5. Just when you’ve established a sort of system for living out of suitcases, your 6-year-old will come along to “organize” them for you.  Just roll with it.
  6. Don’t be surprised if your usually well-behaved children will suddenly be inexplicably rude to friends/relatives you’re visiting.  They have no reason for it, but it’ll probably happen anyway..
  7. Don’t give kids crayons in the car.  Just don’t.
  8. Don’t use anyone else’s car.  Just don’t.
  9. If you’re staying with friends or relatives, prepare to live in terror that your kids will destroy their entire house before the visit is up.  (This is partially why there’s no such thing as relaxing vacations with kids.)
  10. That 15-hour road trip will turn into a 22-hour bathroom-break marathon, and you’ll find yourself aquainted with every Dairy Queen between Dallas and Denver.  And trust me, peoples, there’s a lot of them.