Ten (Annoying) Things {About Facebook}

Just a tiny disclaimer before I start my list.  These are not directed towards any one (or two or ten) particular person and they are just my own personal grievances.  To each his own, obviously.

Ten Things about Facebook that drive me out of my mind:

  • Pictures/posts/stories about animals.  I’m not an animal hater exactly, but I’m not an animal lover by any stretch.  I don’t smile at pictures of cute puppies and kittens, I just scroll by as fast as  I can.  I never, ever want to see photos of your pets.   I’m a jerk like that.
  • Political rants/posts/stories – I get that politics are important and I should probably be more informed that I am, but seriously, most of the time I just don’t want to know.  I don’t usually ever get mad or annoyed by political posts, but I also don’t see the point.  Everyone’s already made up their mind and fighting about it on FB isn’t going to make the world a better place.  Again, to each his own, but I probably won’t read 98% of the political stuff, even if I agree with it.  I would much rather see  a photo of my cousins new baby.
  • Share and click to see the amazing, stupendous, mind-blowing, awesome thing that happens next type of posts – Uh, never going to click and share.
  • Game requests.  I think everybody is on my side on this one.  Enough said.
  • The exact same selfie picture that every single person in a certain age category posts….every day of the week, but in a new outfit.  Enough already.  I get that your lips can do that weird thing…and it’s still weird 8,439 pictures later.
  • The constant, never-ending “I love my husband/wife/boyfriend/etc quotes in every conceivable way” posts – I know, I’m  a jerk.  (See #1 for clarification.)  The deal is…these can be sweet once in a while…but does the whole world really have to see it every single day?!  It seems like it’d be a lot more effective to just tell the person you love.  Again…jerk.
  • Posts that are only there to cause drama.  We’ve all seen them.  Sigh.
  • Recipe shares – Seriously, I’ve probably been guilty of this once or twice when I see a recipe I really want.  But Pinterest is a much better choice for saving your recipes, and lately it seems like my feed is packed full of food I can’t eat.  I don’t want to see it, peoples!  🙂
  • The “nobody loves me so I’m going to post this and if you really love me you’ll respond, but I know nobody will because everybody hates me, so please share this on your page too, or I’ll know you aren’t really my friend and you don’t love me” posts – I must not love anybody because I’ve never re-posted any of those.  Jerk AND unloving.  I’m a bad person.
  • Posts about your guns.  Again, I get that it’s our right and it’s important….but I just DON’T CARE about your guns that much.  I have my own, and I hope I never have to touch it.

Anything make you crazy on Facebook?  A few things I love to see: anything funny, interacting with my siblings, those weird quiz things that tell me all kinds of vital information about myself, like what Star Wars character I am (Han Solo…I know you were dying to know) or what country I would be if I was a land mass, and yes, baby pictures.

I’m sure I do tons of stuff that people hate, too.  You can tell me, I can take it.  But don’t be too mean, or I’ll un-friend you.  😉

3 thoughts on “Ten (Annoying) Things {About Facebook}”

  1. Ok, I will be honest here, I LOVED THIS POST!!!!!! it totally made my day. I think I may be guilty of a few of these so I will be sure to work on that in the future. You probably the funniest person I have ever met.

  2. I actually agree. What you put seems to be about 90% of the Facebook content. People bragging about their life. Or complaining about their life. Or saying what they believe. I am glad I closed my account. I still look on a fairly frequent occasion….but now i CAN’T say anything. And perhaps even better, no one can say anything to me. I often ask my self about issues such as these. Would the apostle Paul or Christ have had a Facebook account. Maybe they would, I really don’t know. I am pretty sure it wouldn’t be filled with self photos though….

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