Ten on Ten: May 2013

ten on ten button

Here we are again.
The tenth seems to come quicker every month.

Ten hours.
Ten photos.
On the tenth.

Breakfast – eggs and lemon loaf
May 2013 033

They look like they get along, don’t they?

Friday = library day

The girls made these during story-time. Sweet.


My first peony bloom!

Lunchtime Reading


One of Jeremy’s experiments.


The wild child strikes again


Baby grapes

3 thoughts on “Ten on Ten: May 2013”

  1. It looks like a lovely day. As a kind my favorite day was library day, and my favorite book The Secret Garden… well that and Nancy Drew. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Great job as usual. I was unable to join in as I was on the road with work and didn’t think that the DOT would like me taking pics while driving a state truck. LOL

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